Never blame anyone in your life, The good people give you happiness. The bad people give you experience. The worst people give you a lesson, The best people give you memories.

People in your life may not give you second chances but LIFE always does..

Even though the insects turned monsters, I wasn’t scared. I sat down alone trying to trace back my thoughts. But it seems I got no mind. Which explains one thing, I’m just a walking vessel.
There was no daylight, except for the faraway moon that stood against the darkness.
It was like a forever, but whenever I look at the moon, I knew there’s another world beyond.

While sitting alone, I felt a tap by my shoulder and immediately I turned my head backward.
I saw an old man with an ancient walking stick.

“Who are you? ” I asked just as he sat beside me.

“I’m the Guardian, that’s the question you should ask yourself ” he said.
I looked at myself, I certainly don’t know who I am.

” I don’t know ” I replied back slowly.

” did you see the moon ahead? ” he asked pointing his walking stick upward.

“Yes… I can see the moon ” I replied.

“Then you don’t belong here, I can see your people trying to bring you back, they ain’t giving up so I’m returning you to your world ” he said as the raise a rod upward.

“wait… What is this place called? ” I asked him rapidly.

” Afterlife, I’m the Guardian of life after death, I made the dead fulfill their destiny” he replied.

” so are you sending me back as a… Let me stay here with you ” I said pleadingly.

“No…it’s seems you have no memory of where you came from. I’m sending you back just the way you came. Like I said, you don’t belong here. I will be punish if I didn’t send you back. Now you may go. ” he said, then suddenly I found myself falling and slowly all the images went dim and gone.
When it came back, I saw myself surrounded by different doctors, I wondered what happened as they were all moving about in haste, some of them even look confused.

I had an oxygen pipe on, and I wondered why I’m using an oxygen to breath. My eyes was not fully opened, but I can see all the doctors with the little way it’s opened.

After a while, I saw them shaking their heads sadly, then a nurse covered me up with a white cloth.

“I’m not dead, why are they doing? ” I thought loudly .
I waited for a while, hoping one of them will observe my pulse, but insted, the exit the room and Off the light.

A minute after they were out, I heard some wailing, which seems to be feminine.

” what’s happening?” I asked myself, but non of me seems to know.

I realized that I can can move my body,So without wasting time I use my hand to remove the oxygen I was breathing then I sat up slowly.
I felt a great pain in my head, but I was too curious to know the things going on outside the door.

Every step I took made the pain in my head grew more unbearable.
I was able to get hold of the door handle, then slowly I opened the door.

I saw some people weeping, I was able to recognize some of them. I’ve seen them once before.

They were too carried away with their sorrows that they didn’t notice my presence.

“why are you people crying? ” I said slowly cos I couldn’t raise my voice high.

They all looked at me and they were all shocked, including the few doctor left with them.

“why are you people crying? ” I asked again when I realized their silent. They were all looking at me as if I’m a ghost.

“My son, my son! He’s alive!!! ” a woman screamed out happily, but her screaming affected me as I flinch unsteadily backward, she tried running towards me but two doctors hold her down, covering her mouth with their hand. then the other three approached me and held me from falling.

“sweet Jesus, he survived the surgery, I thought we’ve lost him ” one of the doctor said looking at the other with full surprise.

“I’m as surprised as you are too, let take him back inside, before his mother kill him unknowingly. A single noise can kill him right now ” one of them added and I was being taken back inside.

“I need you to close your eyes and free your mind, don’t try to think, if you do you might have an internal head bleeding, just close your eyes and let us help you ” One of the doctor said to me, as soon I was being laid on the hospital bed. I nodded slowly in reply, then I closed my eyes, and I was gone.

I woke up around 12 o’clock midnight, the second day. I saw two people beside me. a woman who claims to be my mother and a beautiful young lady. They were both far asleep. I felt some pain in my stomach so I guess that should be hunger I look at the hospital cabinet beside my bed I saw some provisions there. I reach for a biscuit and I crumbled some into my mouth. I felt thirsty so I consumed the liquid substance I found on the cabinet. The taste was good so i finished it.

I was silently eating the biscuit when my brain flashes back to an image. The image look exactly like the woman sleeping Close to me . I tried to remember more of it but it slowly went blur .

The woman woke up and saw me eating biscuit, she smiles as she woke the young lady sleeping opposite to her up.

“Grace wake up, my son is up, my son he’s eating” the woman said.

” so her name is grace what a beautiful name. And that woman will definitely be my mother. ” I thought to myself.

Grace smiled at me as she drag her chair towards me.

“Ayo how are you? Grace asked .

“I am fine can you please tell me what happened, I know that woman over there is my mother but I can’t remember anything about her. What’s happening and who are you, my sister?”. I asked.

Grace couldn’t answer any of my questions, she look down slowly and tears began rolling down her eyes. The other woman who happens to be my mother then speaks .

“Grace found you in the middle of the street, she said you were attacked by some street thugs. So she was the one who brought you to the hospital, Her action save your life “

I look at her, am totally short of words, I can’t imagine being saved by a lady . I search for words to say but I can’t find any. After a minute of silent I found myself saying…

” thank you, I owe you my life”

“Tell me what happened today” I asked my mother .

” it was yesterday my son… You had a tumor in your head that can’t be treated, but can only be operated, the Doctors said your chances of surviving the surgery isn’t 50-50 but 30-70. 30% of surviving, and 70% of the opposite, I didn’t want them to do the surgery for you, cos I don’t want to lose you, but your father let me understand that I will lose you if they didn’t do the surgery. So we all risked it.
When the doctor came out telling me you are dead… I felt like dying too, cos I have no other child… When you came back to me. It was a miracle…” she said.
I looked at her for a while, I didn’t know what to say so I lay back on the bed. After a while, sleep took the better part of me.

Days turns to weeks and I get to know the people around me. Grace was always there to help me remember the things that I have forgotten but she never help me remember the incidence that led me to the hospital, she will say its a thing of the past and I shouldn’t bother myself about it. So slowly I put my mind off it.

A girl named ifeoma claims to be my girlfriend, and another one named wumi also said the same thing to me, and other five more. I was very confuse I didn’t like any of them and they seems like total stranger me. The only person I always feel happy with was grace.
I spent a month in the hospital before being discharged. I was very happy to leave the hospital and also I’m anxious to see how home really is. To be sincere have missed the real Ayo my old self.

Through out my stay in the hospital I considered grace as my sister. I never knew we ain’t related. I only get to know when I arrived back at home. I looked at the wall frame and also the family picture album but Grace picture isn’t among . Its only my parent and I.

I felt like crying when I discovered that I have no siblings and grace whom I regarded as my sister is just our neighbor daughter.

After a week that am back home, I met a girl named amanda she is beautiful I must confess but there’s something a bit queer about her. Well she claims that we are a very good friend before incidence.

The relationship between I and grace was now getting more Intimate and closer than anyone could ever imagine, although she is a bit older than I. if I didn’t see her in a day. I will feel like running mad.

I makes plans on going back to school since school has resumed a month ago, i have missed a lot of academy works and I have lot to meet up.
I’m going to miss grace a lot and going back to school is another strange thing to me entirely cos I definitely won’t remember any of the person I knew back then in school. But I was optimistic, I will act like nothing happen and I will take my time to get use to people whose seems friendly

The next day I prepare for school, its very hard to leave grace behind I can’t really explain how I feel towards her. The feeling was just unexplainable.
The evening before my departure. Grace visited me. I can see that she has been crying from the way her eye was. Cos Its already swollen. She hug me passionately, then place a kiss on me lips. She then ran away from me before I could say a word . neither do she say a word to me before taking off .

I think deeply within my heart I have never feel like this before. I know that even in my old self .
What kind of feeling is this? Is this love? Or Am I in love? . Can I ever fall in love? Can it be am in love?

Those were the questions I couldn’t answer.

To be continued…

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