” who on earth is that, why this time of all time, can’t that person come after am done dealing with this tonton”. I kept on soliloquizing….

“Ayo please open the door it’s me ifeoma”. Came the voice from the door.

” What? Ifeoma? Haaa, the enemy of my father’s has arrived “

On hearing ifeoma voice chioma quickly put on her cloth, I ask her to hide inside the toilet. At first she didn’t want to, but later obliged after a lot of tricky stories that I don’t want ifeoma to suspect anything between us. If only she knew that am also bleeping her sister.

I opened the door for ifeoma, she entered, put her nose up and started to sniff the air like a rat. I observe her for a minute before asking her why she didn’t inform me before coming. She didn’t answer, instead she began acting like a detective.

after a lot of drama she finally speak .

“Am just checking on my honey pie, to know how he’s feeling….”

“Well as you can see am not feeling bad”
I Cut in .
We talk for some minutes then after some time she said she want to use the toilet. I show her the way to the toilet, she was almost half way to the toilet before I remember that choima is hiding in the toilet.

” No no no she must not see chioma in the toilet what can I do to stop her”
I said to myself, then I began to think of the various way to stop her.
I think of all the possible way to stop her but non came my way. She was about opening the door when I intentionally Slip myself down and started screaming in a fake pain.

She ran towards me asking what the problem is, I told her that I slipped on the tile and I can’t move my leg. I ask her if they have an aboliki balm at home, she said yes and I ask her to go help me bring it pretending to be in serious pain.

That was how I escaped from hullabaloo firing squad. When she left for the balm I quickly ask chioma to go out through the back door. Ifeoma later come back with the aboliki balm and started applying it to my well healthy leg. Well I felt some peperish pain afterward.

aloo firing squad. When she left for the balm I quickly ask chioma to go out through the back door. Ifeoma later come back with the aboliki balm and started applying it to my well healthy leg. Well I felt some peperish pain afterward.

Having sex has now become a daily manna for me that I even ran out of condom. In more than two occasions ifeoma will interrupt my honey moon with either wumi or chioma. But everything was going splendid chioma had no idea that am bleeping her sister and ifeoma never know that am bleeping chioma. Am playing my package well and am enjoying every bit of it.

Sometimes some kid are born bad, no one taught me to be a bleeper, but I trained myself to be one crazy fucker .

On a boring Tuesday afternoon, I was alone In the house with my thoughts, when toyin and the rest of the neighboring girls Came knocking at my door with swimming trunks.

” hey ladies, where are you guys going with a swimming trunks ” I asked as I systemically look at the ones with bikini.

“since you are always indoor, there’s a river somewhere down there, we can’t go alone so we said we should call you ” Amanda said with a sweet voice.

” okay, but I’m not swimming with you guys ” I said as I locked the door and follow them.

we got to the river and I was surprised on how big it is.

” so something like this exist here in this neighborhood and I did not know, Wao this is awesome!!! “
I soliloquise loudly.

“Amanda are you sure this river is safe for a bath? ” I asked.

” yes, are you scared? Don’t be, the water is neat and good for the ladies ” she said as she jumped into the water, and the rest followed her.

I sat on a rock and began watching them as swim happily.
After about 30 minutes, I began feeling lonely cos most of them don’t swim around the shore again, they now go deeper into the river.

I was looking at them from distance when I caught sight of a moving object in the water, I took a closely look at it, and when I saw what it is, I screamed out in fear.

“crocodile!!!” I shouted with all my voice. All of them began swimming as fast as they can to the shore, but chioma was far away from them and she didn’t hear the warning I gave.

The crocodile was close to her when she saw it. Then immediately, she began swimming towards the shore. The others were already in the shore and they were screaming for chioma to hurry.
The crocodile was closing up on her and we all knew she won’t make it, the girls were already crying cos the crocodile is determined.
They all looked at me to do something, I knew if I stand and wait, chioma will be a food to the crocodile. immediately without thinking, I jumped into the water then swim a little bit away from the direction chioma is coming.
I began beating the water hard, just to distract the crocodile attention towards me. I realized I can only distract the crocodile if I’m a far away from the shore.
I swam very fast away, then I began beating the water again, this time I caught the attention of crocodile as it began heading towards me.

“holy shit!!! ” I muttered as I began swimming deep into the river, the crocodile came swimming at me with full speed. I was a very fast swimmer doing my secondary school days but I know I can’t out swim a crocodile, the only way to survive is too think smart.

I remembered a crocodile can’t stay long under water, and if I’m to get away from the crocodile, I will have to go under water and swim back to the shore.

I took in a deep breath then dive into the water, the crocodile followed me, but I knew it only a matter of time before it will go back to the surface to breath.

I swam as fast as I can under the water and when I brought my head up for a breath, I saw the crocodile far away from me, I thanked my star as I rapidly swim back to the shore.

When I got to the shore, I meant some men with local guns in their hand. And the girls were all crying, I’m sure they called the men for help thinking the crocodile as devour me.
They were all happy to see me as they all came rushing towards me as if I just returned from London.

Sometimes being the only dude in the neighborhood is a cursed….

I do have my way with all the girls in my neighborhood except for Grace, she is beautiful, just that she’s an arrogant brat.
She had a little traveling to Lagos and when she returned, she look exceptionally beautiful.
Ever since she arrived from Lagos, she has been radianting an air of disturbance to Mr konji she look more beautiful than before. The only problem with her was her arrogance .
Her pride was at 100 degree c. She will be around 24 by my calculation. I have no intention of adding her among my bleeping list but recently she has been powering Mr konji up whenever she walk pass our house. The more I try to fight the lust feeling away the harder it is for me. I started imaging myself servicing her tonton. I know it will be very difficult for me to go after grace cus of the way she do behaves sometimes. She has ignored my greetings in more than several occasions and that doesn’t goes well with me.

Mrs owoeye do sell air time so I get my air time from her whenever am short of it.
One horrendous afternoon I wanted to buy an air time from Mrs owoeye ( grace mother), but she isn’t at home and toyin was nowhere to be found. I only met grace at home. I told her that I wanted to buy a Recharge card and her response make me speechless.
“Hey don’t you know how to greet. If you can’t greet go and buy your air time somewhere else.”

(Lobatan, mo te tan)

on hearing this my head went off line.

” what happened to all the greetings have been doing all this while that got ignored by you? ” I threw back immediately at her.

“why should I answer a greeting from a fool” she retorted.

(AYE MI!!!)

“I beg your pardon who do you think you are to talk to me in such way… What can ‘fa?’ Kilo Fe fa nonsense? “
I found myself yelling back at her. I guess she didn’t see that coming. immediately she stood up and raised her hand up to slap me. I saw it coming and I immediately block her hand. I look directly into her eye I can feel the anger burning in me but I have to control myself. I can’t hit a lady, I freed her hand and ask her to go ahead . She didn’t hesitate before landing two hot slap on my face.

“Is that the worst you can do? Or you still got something more in mind to do? ” I said then I turned to leave.

. I guess that angered her the more. I was on my way when I felt a metal hit on my head. Within a seconds everything went blank, That was all I remember, I passed out

(Who off light)

To be continued…


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