“Holy cow of Togo, what is this ?”

Mr konji replied ” this is honey pot”…

I fixed my gaze on her beautiful naked body not minding what she was thinking.
She have a pointed breast that stood firm, I am very sure she won’t need a bra to hold them up. she gently pick her towel up and walk into the room.
Now she put Mr konji in trouble, he was getting impatient by every seconds that passed.
I sat there in the living room in great confusion of what to do.
‘ Should I go after her or should I stay here in the living room and continue watching the boring NTA program’ .
These were the thought that kept running through my mind . Well Mr konji has a mind of his own, he kept telling me to go after her.

“Ay you must be a fool if you miss this golden opportunity ooo, just enter the room I will do the talking for you”. Says Mr konji

( as if he get mouth, bad thinking ).

I was still deliberating in my mind whether to go in or not when I remember that I have TRAMADOL 225mg with me. And without wasting time, I swallowed it then I head for the door.

I opened the door without knocking, in this situation knocking isn’t neccesary.
I saw her applying cream nakedly on her body, ‘sharparly’ Mr konji sprang up.

” Wumi I wanted to apologize for… “

She cut in along the way,

” its nothing “she said.

My erected d**k was now very visible, but I make no attempt in hidding it. I was about turning to leave when I heard something like lock the door.

(ope oooo)

I oblige, after the door was locked I stood there and began to look at her beautiful skin.

“Will u just stand there and look, common enter the battle field”
says my konji mind. . I can now feel the tramadol working perfectly on konji.
I approached her with full speed, grabbed her ass from behind and lock my lips on hers. Her response to the kiss was rapid.
I moved my hand down to her breast and began to work on it.
Her breast was very hard unlike that of ifeoma, I slowly take my mouth down to her breast and began to suck them in the very best way.
She zip down my trouser, free out out Mr konji, then she put it in her mouth.
She was so good at it that I nearly cum inside her mouth, the blow job lasted for about 10 minutes before she then asked me to give her a head.
Well I have never lick a plate before in my life but there is always a first time for everything.
I moved my head down to her honey pot which was clean shaven, then I placed my tongue inbetween her p***y tips. Well the taste wasn’t bad,it tasted salty.

(if you know, you know)

I can sense that she is enjoying it so I keep the good work up. After some minutes she released. I wasted no time to uncald myself, It was after I uncald myself that I realized am not having a condom.

‘(The devil is a lier this tonton, I must bleep it)’

I asked from her if she have a condom she replied saying no.

“don’t worry, I have postinor 2 at home ” She said with a sexy wink.

Before I knew Mr konji was inside her honey pot I don’t know how it happen but I know it happened.
Her pussy was so tight, tighter than that of ifeoma and Toyin. I can feel her pussy wall clutching around Mr konji,am sure Mr konji will be gasping for breath inside there.
I increase my banging velocity and she was making some anomalous sound like…

“ouch… yes… yes.. yes… ooh.. hmmm..isss.. haaa.. harder… hmmm, oh my gosh your dick is too big!!! Ha… Ha… Ha… “.

She must be a soprano singer. After bleeping her this way for about 40 minutes we switched to missionary and the bleeping continues I was giving her a very deep penetration I can feel my d**k deeply in the honey pot. Her tonton was very sweat that I didn’t know when I cum inside her, I didn’t bother removing my dick from her tonton cus I know it will definitely come to life again. After about 5 minutes Mr konji powered up, and again… the bleeping continues.

She has released more than twice cos her pussy cream was all over my dick. I switch position to doggy style and give it to her from behind. After about 40 minutes she started begging me to stop that her tonton is getting very hot.

I pay no I attention to whatever she was saying as I keep on banging her hard. After about 30 minutes I release inside her and we both lie down on the bed so used up.

I carry her into the bathroom and we had a shower together and also have another round of sex in the bathroom. I left when dami came back from her jamb lesson.

Bleeping wumi so easily was something I never dream of. Now I have three chicks in my hand and I’m playing my package very cool.

Papa and Mama Ayo travelled to visit grandma and grandpa in the village, I ought to go with them but I Couldn’t due to the supervising job my Pman gave me. I was actually supervising some bricklayers working on the ongoing poultry house.
On the night of their departure to the village, Around 12 am in the night, I was in living room playing a video game, cos I couldn’t get a sleep.

I paused the game to have a pee when I heard some voices not too far from Mr igoni house. I listened quietly to the voice, hoping to recognize one of the speaker but I couldn’t. So I head to the kitchen to have a peep of the whoever.

I saw two men clad in back, one of them is Tall and huge While the other Is a dwarf.
I saw them moving around Mr igoni car, and before I knew it I saw them opening the car bonnet.

” what could they be doing by this time of the night, are they mechanics?” I found myself asking the question.

I looked back up again only to sas them coming towards my father house with a car battery.

” shit!!! This guys are Stealing car battery , papa car is the next” I said as I began thinking of a way to stop them.
I could have raise an alarm but the neighborhood was filled with ladies, the men won’t want to come out, for security reasons I guess . If they come out, who will protect their wives and daughters.

My dad first car was always park very close to the door, so before they got to our house, I quickly off the living room light and unlock the front door. The door remained close but not locked. I fetched for a base ball bat my dad use as a living room decoration and a 2by2 hard wood plank that is always behind the door corner.

I made an attack plan, I can easily fight the dwarf but fighting the huge one will be suicide. But if I knock the huge one down unexpectedly on the head then I will be able to fight the dwarf in a hand to hand combat.

I waited patiently them to get to the car, I can’t see them, but I was calculating their moves.
When I heard the sound of the car bonnet, then I knew their back will be turn on me. I held on the baseball bat and Leave the strong 2by2 wood somewhere close to the door.

I said some little prayer, then with a fast move, I banged out forcefully. Without thinking twice, I landed the baseball bat very hard on the man I saw at the car bonnet.
He screamed and went unconscious on the spot.

“Holy shit…” I hit the dwarf…


according to my plan I’m supposed to hit the huge one and not the dwarf.
When the huge guy saw what I did on the dwarf, he came forward at me with fury. I attacked him with the baseball bat, but the bat broke on his head and he was still standing.

“shit!!! I should have draw a plan B” I said to myself as I ran inside, he came running at me, I knew I would be dead if he get a hold of me.

I saw the 2by2 hard wood I positioned in the living, I took it and swing it back rapidly with all my strength, My action was unexpected to the man as he received the wood on his head… No man can stand that.

He dropped unconscious on the floor like a pile of wood. I threw away the wood and rested my body on the chair, trying to catch my breath cos I was breathing heavily.

I called on the neighbors and they all came out with their wives.
They were surprised by what they saw, and without wasting time, they informed the police and they came to pick up the two bastards. They opened their eyes to find themselves in a police van.

A story of my bravery was written that day, and was passed from mouth to mouth in my neighborhood. This only makes some girls go more crazy about me. And I was able to fuck three more girls within the far away neighborhood.

All work and no play makes jake a dull boy and vise versa.
The strike has been called off and I got only fews weeks before resuming back to school and amanda honeypot is yet to be bleep, So I have to re strategies.
I started visiting her more often and often but this only make chioma their last born have an interest in me. Chioma will send love text to every blessed day. Well since she’s ripe enough to be bleep I started giving her some attentions. One beautiful afternoon I saw chioma fetching water so I mentioned her in.
She looks so innocent but am sure she is not a virgin. One thing leads to another and we started kissing each other. I was about to uncald her when I heard a knock on the door.

(Chai, I hate that thing ehhhnn)

To be continued…


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