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(PROLOGUE )Hazel’s Aura


A story I titled Hazel’s Aura

Two Worlds Collide- Demi Levato The sweetest part of a fairy-tale is getting a happily ever after right? Well not everyone gets a ‘happily ever after’ life. Mine’s more like a happily never after story, well am not from the Cinderella or snow white’s story though. My name is HAZEL and i have no surname to back up my name.

Well I never knew who my parents were, I don’t even know if i fell from heaven or… I just appeared. I grew up in an orphanage. When I was ten, I was moved to another orphanage where i worked like a slave for six years. I ran away one night and never went back. Since then i have been in the streets, that was four years ago.

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Such a messed up life huh? I have heard of fairy-tales where the girl meets her prince charming but mine seems more of a messy tale. I guess my own dawn may never come, at least not at this stage.

Anyway, I live in London, work as a seamstress for a good living and then go home. Mrs. Susan is my supposed mother at work, she works with me at Mrs. Gina’s place. Mrs. Gina is our fat, big headed…oh sorry…our boss. She is married to a thin looking man whom i think she controls a lot.

All she does is control, yell and fans herself, and check her make-up. Oh if you are thinking i live in the old world, you are absolutely wrong. I live in the 21th century just like you. I try so hard to stay away from trouble but i got into one I never believed will change my life forever.

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Something like making two different worlds collide. Then everything had to be solved by me, cos i opened some kind of pathway for war between creatures and mankind.
You are about to go through the journey of how my aura changed my world…forever. I AM HAZEL AND THIS IS MY STORY….

Join us by 6pm 29/10/18 to get the First Episode.




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