Home News Nigerian couple kills 12-year-old son over witchcraft

Nigerian couple kills 12-year-old son over witchcraft


A Nigerian couple has been arrested by the police in Akwa Ibom State, for allegedly killing their 12-year-old son over witchcraft.

47 year old father, identified as Okon David Essien from Ibikpe Uruan, Uruan Local Government Area conspired with wife to kill his 12 year old son, Joseph Okon David and buried him in a shallow grave in Iquita swamp, Oron Local Government Area.

Okon David Essien who confessed to committing the crime said that his deceased son was a wizard and the cause of death of his former wife and mother of the deceased.

The heartless dad said that he lured the innocent boy to the swamp on the pretext that he should help him cut bamboo sticks for making kitchen.

However, the second wife (who was the young boys step mother) was ignorant of the entire plot and execution of the crime but arrested for not reporting the incident to the police when the step son got missing without explanation.



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