Home News Mum starved stepson, made him wear nappy (Photos)

Mum starved stepson, made him wear nappy (Photos)


A mother-of-seven has been jailed for 28 years after abusing her stepson. Tammi Bleimeyer, 37, forced Jordan Bleimeyer to sleep in a room under the stairs that the family called the ‘Harry Potter room’. Inside the room there were exposed nails and wiring around a mattress.

He was just five and had almost starved to death, weighing 29lbs, when he was found and was compared to a Holocaust survivor in court. Jordan was not allowed to eat with his family at the dinner table and was only given a slice of bread a day. Even then, he had to eat it quickly or it would be taken away from him.

It was also alleged that his father Bradley Bleimeyer drugged him to keep him quiet when they had visitors, Jordan was Tasered and his head was slammed against a wall. His dad was jailed for 15 years in 2016. The couple were reported to authorities by her biological son who had grown weary of the abuse.


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