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Miracle school (Episode 8)


#Shannon’s POV

The bell suddenly rings, “It’s music class! Lets go quickly! I can’t wait to see my Gold” Daniela said happily. I stood up and headed to the door while she followed.
We were about to enter when i feel pressed, so i asked Daniela to keep a space for me while i visit the restroom.

#Gold’s POV

When we entered the music class, i felt the urge to ease myself so i left. I bumped into a girl about to enter. She’s really pretty with black hair and blue eyes.
“Omg! It’s really you Gold!” She said happily.
“Ummm… Hi” i said.
“I gotta go now, I’ll be back in a minute”
I quickly rushed to the restroom.

When i got out, i bumped into someone again. Gosh, this girl is just too gorgeous for her personality. I mean she acts like a psycho for someone who looks like an angel.
“Sorry” she said, I’m shocked. Did she just apologise? What caused the sudden change of heart? So surprising.
“It’s okay” I said.
“You’re going to class?” she asked and i nodded. I’m just too shocked to say anything, what happened to man-whore?
“Then lets go together” she dragged my hands before i could even say anything. I said it, this girl is really crazy.
“And now the new students will pair up to do a song… ” she stopped when we entered. All eyes fell on us, i didn’t realize we’re still holding hands.

I disengaged and was about to sit, “You two can pair up. It’s an honour to have such a great person like Gold in this school” the teacher said. Now am beginning to think she has a crush on me.
“So to welcome you, you two come up and give the class a song”

Miss white hair shouted, “What?!”
“Right now” the teacher ordered.
I dragged her to the stage and sit in front of the piano, she sits beside me but angry.
I started playing a tune, she followed the suit and seems she’s getting it.
▶▶I found the one, the one for me.
She has the perfect smile and she’s an angel.
She added.
▶Love is blind, but i see your eyes.
Am down in love and i see no one else for me…..
Chorus: You and i are like symphonies
You’re everything i dreamed for
You are my heart desire
I know i want you.
I give you my heart
Hold it tight
Don’t ever let go
You are my muse
I LOVE YOU……▶▶▶▶
The whole class cheered us as we came down. I am shocked more than anything, how come she knows a song i wrote that I’ve not even sang for the world. She has some explanation to give after this class.

#Shannon’s POV

Am way beyond shocked.
How did he know the song I’ve been writing for years. I used to sing this with my best friend, Jake years ago. How did he know the song so well that he did it perfectly.
He better tell me how he did it.

#Daniela’s POV

Those two look so good together. Why am i suddenly feeling jealous? I like Gold a lot but… I don’t know. It seems they know each other because they sang the same song like they composed it together. Arie should see this, i know she’s obsessed with Gold. Shannon has a golden voice, a voice greater than hers.

#Jack’s POV

My angel really has a golden voice. I like her. But i don’t know why she’s holding hands with that singer. But i don’t care, what matters is that i get her for myself.


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