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MIRACLE SCHOOL ( Episode 6 )


Shannon the great

#Shannon’s POV
I see the school, but i don’t think they see it.
That’s strange, i mean it’s so visible.
“where’s the school anyway?” Jack asked.
“no talking” i yelled.
“yeah…sorry” he said.
They followed me till we got to the school gate, “now how do i open this?”
“open what?” Jack asked again.

Seriously, can’t this guy shut-up for once? I looked at Gold who seems lost, perhaps he can see the gate too.
“can you see it?” i asked him.
“yeah” he replied.
“okay, you guys are freaking me out. What are you seeing that am not seeing?” Jack yelled.
“the school gate” i said.

His mouth parted in shock, “wait a minute… We are in front of the school?”
“YES”Gold and i said at the same time.
“great! what a school! i can’t even see it” he said sarcastically.
My problem is, how do we get in? I don’t see anything or anyone around. Gold moved forward and touched the gate, I touched it too in a bid to help him pull it but it opened strangely.

It drew the three of us in and closed back, we all fell on the floor. I stood up and dusted my clothes looking around. This school is surely a big place, i wonder why it’s here.

I headed inside, students were moving up and down but they all stopped when they saw us.
“OMG! GOLD!” A girl shouted.
“is that a girl with white hair?”
“isn’t that the witch’s daughter?”
“Look! It’s the crown prince! The playboy!”
“What are they all doing together?”
We kept hearing murmurs as we walked past them, so great! I didn’t even know my reputation got to a strange school. I feel so honoured ( sarcasm).

A man dressed in white, white hair too came forward, they all kept quiet. Looks like he’s the owner here.
“come with me” he said leaving while we followed like obedient sheep.

“I never expected you to come here, i thought you didn’t like this school Prince Jack. And you Shannon, i guess your anger got the best of you right?” he said.
What? This man knows about me even when i haven’t told him about my problem, i really hope i get a miracle here
“Gold….” the man called.
“please don’t say it” Gold begged.
He should not say what? I wonder what’s with him, why is he hiding his problem?
“Yeah…. It’s so embarrassing to be a manwhore” i said and Jack laughed.
“that’s okay, things will be right soon. Anyway, i am Dean Fred, Welcome to Miracle school”
“thanks” we all said.

#Arie’s POV
Miracle school?
That’s where Gold went?
He’s there to cure himself and if he does, he’ll hate me but no one will believe him now…. Unless i say something.
Which am not going to say.
But am going to that school, i must make sure he falls for me and forgive me before he regains his memory.
I can’t let any woman take him from me, I told you Gold, you’re mine and mine always.

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