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#Shannon’s POV
I am sitting in the living room with my dad and cousin. My head is bowed.

I have been suspended from school, Jane is on admission at the hospital.
I feel sorry for her and myself, i didn’t really mean to get angry, she pushed me.

“what do i do about her anger issues now?” Dad asked sadly.
“well i recommend you take her to Miracle school, that’s the only place her problem can be solved” Davis said.

Dad looked at me with sadness in his eyes, i know he doesn’t want to send me away especially if i don’t want to.

I have no choice than to go, if they can help destroy my anger issues.
“i’ll go” i said and Dad looked at me surprised.
“darling, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to” he said with concern.

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“No Dad, i will go so i can make you proud one day” i replied sadly.
Dad hugged me and smiled, “i am always proud of you Shannon”
I let out a sad smile, i am glad that he’s happy.
#Gold’s POV
I am currently where that Daniela asked me to be but I’ve not found the school yet. Is this map even correct?

I am tired of searching about these woods, i slowly sat down on a rock.
This isn’t the life I’ve wanted, being a big memory loser isn’t my plan. I like Arie as a friend and i know i would never do that to her.

She is in love with me but am not, i guess that’s why she decided to punish me by setting me up.
I sigh and placed my head on my palms, being a star is not easy at all, it’s hell on earth.
#Arie’s POV
You all might hate me but i don’t care. I lied against Gold, the truth is i found out he has memory loss problem so i decided to punish him for not loving me back.
I heard he has travelled, am going to find out where he went and follow him. I can’t stand any bitch around him, he’s mine whether he likes it or not.

#Jack’s POV

I didn’t go to, school today, i don’t care anyways. Am happy, am having fun. I went out to have fun with one of my girlfriends, they really made my day.

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I got home and met my things in the big living room downstairs. Mom and Dad were glaring at me.
“what’s going on here?” i asked confused.

“you’re going to Miracle school today” Dad said and i flared up.
What? I said am not going to that stupid school, i am never leaving Lakesville.


“i said i am going nowhere” i yelled angry.
“you have no choice but to go, i already prepared your things so you leave now” he said.

“Look here Dominic!” i called him by his name and mom gasped but he’s not surprised. I always do that when am so angry.

“i am going nowhere and that’s final! ” i yelled and walked out.
Infact i am leaving them for a few days till they come back to their senses.

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