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Miracle school (Episode 3)


#Gold’s POV
I am in my room right now, surfing the net. Great! I mean double great!

I harassed Arie and i don’t even remember, now the whole world knows i have memory problems.

I tend to forget things and people for a while, or forever.
I can’t defend myself because i don’t remember what happened when i went to her house but one thing is sure. I would never do such a thing, if i could only remember what happened.

How could Arie do this to me, she’s my friend and that’s what i see her as. Why would i think any different?

I wish this isn’t happening to me, i really need a cure to my disease.
I’m going CRAZY here, i logged in my Facebook account and saw fans insulting me.

“i hate you Gold”
“you’re a man whore”
“i regret following you”
“you don’t deserve to be a star”
I sighed and scrolled through, just then i saw a new Friend request.
‘Daniela Dames’

Who will want to be my friend in this situation? What does she want?
Then it hit me, she wants to insult me. I clicked on accept and her message comes in seconds later.

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Daniela- Omg! Gold thanks for accepting my friend request.
Me- you’re welcome
Daniela- i heard what happened.
Gold- yeah, everyone knows i harassed Arie.
Daniela – no! About your memory problems. I can help.
Now am getting interested, she can help me? I wonder how.
Me- how? It’s not medical.
Daniela- come to my school, it can probably be cured.
Me- what school?
Daniela- Miracle school. It’s a strange school but miracles happen here. You can be cured here.
Me- I’m not sure i gather, you want me to come to a strange school?
Daniela- yes! Please consider it, i’ll send you the map. I’ll be expecting you.
Me- okay
Minutes later she sent me the map and i downloaded it. What am i even doing? I don’t know if I’m going or not.
I’m so confused!

#Daniela’s POV

Am so glad! I got to talk to my dream celebrity crush and he’s coming to our school. Yay!
I can’t wait to meet him in real life and hug him, i don’t believe what the public is saying about him.
I know he’s innocent and i know that hideous Arie took advantage of his memory loss to lie against him.
I never even liked her anyway, she’s too lousy for my liking.
The bell for classes rings and i run out.

#Shannon’s POV

Today is another wonderful day but hell won’t make it easy for me.
Am used to it anyway, i had three classes before lunch break.
During break, i go to my silent hideout behind the school garden to have my lunch.
I was half way eating when i heard some laughter, i looked behind me and saw a girl named Jane laughing with her friends.
I moved closer and hid behind some flowers, i was now hearing them well.
“…that girl is a bastard. I heard her mother is a whore satisfying rich palace judges just to become queen”
But who are they talking about?
“she’s a dog, just like her mother. What’s her name again?”
“Ummm… I think something like Shandong or Shannon” Jane said and they laughed.
The spirit of anger overtook me, i pounced on Jane beating her mercilessly. Her friends tried to stop me but am too strong.
I punched her already blood filled face in anger, i am really boiling.
“How. Dare. You. Call. My. Mother. A. Dog. You. Bitch!”
“Shannon please stop! You’re going to kill her! Please!” Rene yelled from the crowd, people are already watching but i don’t care.
She tried to pull me off but i didn’t stop, just then strong arms pull me and carry me away.
“leave me alone! I’m going to kill that bitch!” i yelled.
“will you just stop it Shannon?” the person said and i calmed down realizing it’s my big brother.
He’s actually my cousin, Rene’s older brother and the heir to the throne.
“what is wrong with you! How can you fight in the school?!” he yelled.
“Davis i—“
“am calling your dad” he said picking his phone from his car.
Oh God, if dad hears this, am so screwed. What do i do now?

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