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Miracle school (Episode 2 )


#Shannon’s POV
Thank goodness this hell of a school is over, i quickly said goodbye to Rene and left with my bike.

I don’t want those girls to come and disturb me again, even though i am used to it.

I got home and met dad in the living room working on his laptop.
“dad!” i shouted and ran to hug and peck him.
“whoa my angel, how are you today?” he asked smiling.
“am doing fine dad, you’re home early today” i said sitting beside him.
He nodded, “how was school?”
“hell as always” i said looking down.
He hugged me and kissed my forehead, “you’re my world, i love you both and that’s what matters okay?”
I nodded and he smiled, “that’s my girl”
“where’s mom?” i asked going upstairs.
“she’s at the palace” dad replied.
After having lunch, i brought out my phone and laid on my bed surfing the net.
I saw the trending news, i sat up shocked and angry. Okay Shannon calm down.


“WHAT?!” I yelled and threw my phone on the window and it shattered with the window.
I saw my door bang open and saw dad with a shocked and disappointed look on his face.
Then i realized what I’ve done, my hands flew to my mouth as tears welled up in my eyes.
“Dad I’m sorry, i….i didn’t mean to do it” i stammered in tears.
Dad just shook his head and came close to me, he hugged me and i fell crying.

“ssshhh…it’s okay princess, i know it’s not your fault. Don’t worry, we’ll survive this together okay?” he said and i calmed down.
I love my dad so much, he understands me even when am wrong.
“i love you dad” i said after i stopped crying.

“i love you more baby” he said kissing my forehead.
“clean this up, i’ll get you a new and stronger phone tomorrow and get someone to fix the window” he said going out.

Once he left, i fell on my bed in frustration. I have anger issues, i don’t know why the spirit of anger is in me. It’s like i have a disease that has no cure yet.

Arie is my favorite artiste, how could Gold harass her? It’s so annoying! That guy should go to jail.
Arrrrgh! I stood up to pack my mess.

#Jack’s POV
“What is this joke Jack?!” Dad said very angry.
“you got expelled again!” Mom added and i just look at them.
So what? I got expelled but i don’t care, i don’t need school anyway.
I am the only heir to the throne so why go to school when i will still be crowned king at last?

I don’t care what they think, i got expelled just because i punished a stupid man who has no respect for royalty.
“i won’t stand for this!” Dad said hitting his fist on the table.
King Dominic, you better calm down, Lakesville is still mine no matter what.

“i am bringing down your position!” he added and i frowned.
“what?” i asked angry.
“honey please calm down” Mom begged but he glared at her.
“do you also want the same?” he asked and she shut up.

“you drop all your position and lay low, by tomorrow, you’re going to Miracle school as a commoner till you’re fully responsible. I can’t leave the throne for you like this”
“what? No Dad! I am not going to that school!” i fumed and stomped out ignoring their calls to me.

What nonsense! Miracle school my ass! I am going nowhere! My place is here on the throne!

I got to my room and fell on my bed, i hate my dad, i am going nowhere..

How is this episode?
By Sherifat Aminu


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