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Miracle school (Episode 1)


#Shannon’s POV
“rise and shine sleeping beauty” Arrrrgh! I was just enjoying my beauty sleep. My mother can be a pain in my ass sometimes but i love her despite what i go through because of her past.

“get up Shannon” she said pulling the sheets.
I sighed and sat up, “morning mum”

“morning my baby, please get up and go prepare for school” she said going out.

I quickly got up and ran into the bathroom, awwwn Mum prepared my warm water bath. She’s just amazing.

I loosened my hair which i packed in a ponytail and started to brush my teeth.

Few minutes later, i had my bath and wore my uniform after rubbing cream.

I didn’t pack my hair, i applied a lip gloss and a little powder. But trust me, i am very pretty even without make-up.

I took both my parents beauty, but my hair is white with a small line of black at the left.

My dad and his twin sister Queen Adriana have white hairs, and i am their exact carbon copy.
After getting my lunch into my lunchbox because i hate eating at the cafeteria for known reasons.

I bade my mother goodbye and left for school on my bike humming a song by Arie, a popular popstar and my role model.

I also wanna be a popular popstar one day but i don’t think it will ever happen due to my reputation.
So i step in school and as usual, people start jeering at me and insulting me but i don’t care.

I just ignored them and go to my locker, i entered my password. It opens and i put my bagpack inside and brought out some books.

I close my locker and turn to go only to see three glaring eyes glaring at me. I rolled my eyes, of course i know they’ll come, they do this everyday.

Freda, Felicia and Franca, the three group of popular bitches in school.
“hey loser” Felicia said chewing gum.

“excuse me” i said calmly and turned to go but Freda, the leader stopped me.

“we’re not done talking bitch!” she yelled, “you are nothing but an evil witch’s daughter so you have no right than to just listen to us” she added.

Tears were forcing their way into my eyes but i fought them off. They always say this to me everytime.
“that’s enough girls” a familiar voice said behind me.
They kept quiet and went away, i finally let the tears fall and i felt her comforting me.

#Rene’s POV
I don’t like the way people treat Shannon, she’s my cousin and i love her so much no matter her mother’s past sins. She doesn’t deserve this ill treatment at all.

I being the princess makes sure i use my position to punish whoever oppresses her.

I pat her shoulder lightly, “cheer up cousin, don’t listen to them. You’re amazing, your mother is amazing too” i said and she let out a small smile.

“hey, lets go for class now so we won’t be late” i said and dragged her to class.

#Luciana’s POV

I know you must hate me just like everyone else but i have nothing else to say. I have done a lot of evil in the past but i realized my mistakes and changed.

Justin found me and made me a better person, i am really sorry for all i did.

My friend Queen Adriana forgave me for all i did, but the kingdom didn’t even after i apologized in public.

They all take their anger out on my poor Shannon, she’s a strong girl who defends her shameful mother always.

It’s my fault my daughter is going through all these and i feel like such a failure.

I just want my daughter to be happy no matter what it takes, i want her to be a great person.
How is the start?
By Sherifat Aminu.


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