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Kenyan lady captured 6 years after she admitted to murdering her significant hubby side chick amid live radio meeting


Police on Thursday, captured a lady who admitted to killing her spouses’ sweetheart through a call to one of the radio stations six years back.

As per Executive of Criminal Examinations (DCI) George Kinoti, the suspect, Linda Namukuchu Urandu was captured in Kasarani zone, Nairobi.

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Additionally in police guardianship is her previous spouse, Benson Muthine and his present wife Margaret Goodbye.

Linda will be kept in police guardianship for 10 days for further addressing to check her cases.

In any case, Kinoti requests to any individual who may have lost a female in respect to answer to the focal police headquarters.

The Nairobi lady sent chills down individuals’ spines when she related on live radio how she murdered her hubby’s side chick.

Everything begun when well known Radio Jambo pair Gidi and Phantom rang the woman and requested that her portray her side chick trial.

In the chilling video, the anonymous lady was heard clarifying how she discovered her hubby was venturing out on her inciting her to check the danger from the beginning.

“I experienced his telephone one day as he was in the washroom and I seen he had sent KSh 50, 000 to another lady. In addition, he advised the woman to have a good time. I saw different writings the two sent one another and I realized that was the other lady,” she said.

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The woman expressed one day her hubby lied he was going for a work excursion to Kisumu. This ended up being a lie. Her significant other was out in Mombasa having a great time with his other lady.

“I had the lady’s number spared in my telephone. My significant other went to Mombasa, had a ball at that point returned home. The things he purchased sold him out as none of those stuff were sold along the street on out of Kisumu. While unloading the shopping, I ran over a bundle of receipts which demonstrated he purchased a dress for his other lady in Mombasa. I went the room and tossed the receipts all over. He promptly knew something wasn’t right and began saying ‘sorry’ for his betrayal. I said it was alright, he was a man and he could do what he needed,” she clarified.

What left individuals with their hands over their mouths was the spouse’s choice to get a person she knew to hit on the husband’s special lady.

“One day I advised my male companion to take the woman to a cabin I had officially paid for. The lady was exceptionally smashed so I advised the man to leave the room and enable me to go in. I paid the assistant a nice looking add up to keep her mouth close and incapacitate the CCTV cameras,” she said.

The woman later creeped into the room where her hubby’s sidepiece was and choked her.


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