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I have also faced racial abuses, Chelsea defender reveals


Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger has revealed racial abuses he has encountered in his career before.

Rudiger says he shares the same fate with Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling who has been subject to racist chants a couple of times. Sterling was abused by some Chelsea fans during their first leg encounter at Stamford Bridge where City lost their first match after going down 2-0. Chelsea have so far suspended four fans for chanting abusively towards Sterling. Rudiger was a target of racist abuse from Lazio midfielder Senad Lulic during his time at Roma.

“Raheem and I share the same fate. It is a scandal that something like this still exists. It’s good Chelsea are pulling through with the bans for a few fans. But such people are everywhere. And I’d wish for other clubs to follow Chelsea’s example. You must punish them severely. And I appeal to everyone in the stadium to speak out against those people.” Rudiger told Kicker, a German magazine.

The loss of consistency, according to the centre-back, is what cost them the match at Vitality Stadium where Bournemouth tore them apart with a 4-0 margin.

“It’s up to us now. What happened against Bournemouth must not happen again. Our biggest shortcoming is that we lost consistency. We always want [it], but sometimes not a lot works out. We go blank a bit currently, but it’s no reason to talk everything down. I am not that kind of guy. For a long time, Chelsea had a defensive approach. And you can’t get used to something new overnight. Pep Guardiola’s first year wasn’t all that smooth as well.” Rudiger added.

Emotional Sarri

Maurizio Sarri has always blamed his players for lack of motivation and Rudiger adds that his boss is an emotional one as a lack of motivation cannot be the only thing that has made Chelsea lose some games.

“He’s a very emotional coach. But you can’t put everything down to motivation. We have been there when it mattered. We were the first team to beat Manchester City after all. We must be tougher. By now, we have a lot of possession, but we need to get something dirty back in our game,” he added.

Man City will host Chelsea on Sunday as the former seeks to revenge on the latter for handing them first season loss.


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