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How ASUU Strike Affects University Students In Nigeria


Today mark the beginning of the third week since the Academic Staff Union of Universities embark on an indefinite strike. Even though with a meeting which took place last week, students and parents are unsure how long the strike is going to last. The Federal government and ASUU national executives are to hold another meeting this week but date and time of the meeting has not been made available.

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While the strike is still going on, we are at Firstone have decided to analyze this strike action and see the effects or how it affects university students.

Below are five (5) ways in which ASUU strikes affects the performance of university students;

1. Disrupts Academic Calender

We all know how ASUU previous strike action had battered academic calendar of most universities. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. If this strike continue without any measure from the government and ASUU to call it off. Then, am pretty sure most if not all universities will have to adjust their calendar to tally with the present time.

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Imagine a school  which has already commenced lecture but stopped along the way due to the strike, such school will have to readjust and reorganize its academic calendar before school activities can continue.

2. Promote Crime and Social Vices Among Students

Since most students are idle and not busy with their studies, such students will be involve in one crime or the other.Like an old adage says, “an idle hand is the devil’s workshop”

During strike actions, most students get involved in social vices such as sexual immorality, cyber scam, gambling, prostitution, unnecessary gossips among others.

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3.Discourages Student From Learning

Apart from disrupting academic calendar and encouraging crime and social vices, another effects of ASUU strike is that it it discourages student from learning.

Strike pose as a prime factor which discourages students from learning. Due to the strike action, learning is suspended and as the strike continues and move from weeks to months, then learning is totally forgotten by students. And as a result, this affects the learning capacity of the students.

4.Lose Of Trust In The Nation’s Educational System

Due to incessant and frequent ASUU strike, most students have lose hope in the nation’s educational system. In Nigeria now, you can’t be a graduate without passing through  ASUU strike.  It is no longer a strike. It has now become a custom in our educational system.

5. Condensation Of Course Topics

Since topics that are meant to be taught while the strike is going on are not, then there is bound to be condensation of course topics. Once the strike is called off , the school will struggle and try to catch up with the new academic calender and such topics have to condensed.

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The negative of this is that, students will be rushed and it will affect how they learn and assimilate and in  the long run , this will affect the performance of the students.

The Federal government and ASUU should come to an agreement so that this strike can be called off and school activities will continue as usual.


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