For the last few days, i’ve been running and hiding from danger. Safety just slammed its door at my face, could life be any worse. I watched the trees die and purpled, the water turned red and different creatures came out of it. This is it, war between two different worlds. The creatures had started to attack but i stood still, i didn’t even realize we were out of the woods.
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People were running helter skelter, this day will forever be remembered in the history of the world. Of course it will give london a bad reputation.
I wish its all a dream, and that i’ll wake up soon. “gbooom!!!” i heard a crash and came back to reality. It was jason, he diverted a car shot directly at me, he looked worried. “are you okay?” he asked and i nodded faking a smile.
I joined the orders in fighting, meanwhile where’s the wheel king?. I saw a woman crying while the others were holding her back. “my child! Please save my child!” she screamed loudly.
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I turned and saw a little girl about four standing near a collapsed house with a doll in her hand crying. I started to run to her direction but jason appeared before me. “what are you doing?” he yelled. “i have to save her” i replied pointing to the girl. “and don’t try  stop me” i added.
He scoffed “silly girl, am not stopping you. Am gonna help you” I nodded and we went the girl’s direction, only to find out she’s standing on a wire bomb.
If she steps out, she’ll blow. Jason stood in the girl’s place and i took her to her parents, i went back to him and saw a creature disturbing him. Great idea. I gave jason a sign and controlled it to the bomb line while jason ran off. The idiot tried to attack us but he blew up, i know the wheel king did this. He’s so heartless.
I heard a clap and turned to see him grinning evily. “nice try little bitch, lets end this now” “of course devil. Bring it on”
He raised the staff which had a green ruby on it and struck the ground, it opened up swallowing houses and cars. People were really scared and running away.
“hazel do something!” patricia screamed as it was getting close to us. My mind told me to say close up. “close up!” i yelled and to my suprise the ground became normal.
I could see shock and horror on the wheel king’s face, i smirked. He’s scared of me, so am this powerful. I used my eyes to try taking the staff and its started coming close, but with the wheel king as he held on to it tightly.
“you can’t get it bitch, its mine now” he said and struck us with its power. I fell to the ground so weak. My vision was blurry and my head ached. I saw people screaming for help, women, children, men even animals. I saw the little girl standing on the bomb wire crying and begging for help. Is this the end?
I saw the wheel king laughing triumphantly, no! I can’t let this happen! I’ve lived my life as a lonely orphan and i value it so much that i can’t let this happen to me. I felt a hand on mine and i saw jason pulling me up. I got up with all my strength while the wheel king looked more than shocked. “remove that stone on the staff and destroy it, it’ll destroy him” jason said through our connected minds. “distract him” i said.
Jason nodded and started attacking the wheel king, he wasn’t using the staff so t’was easy. I tiptoed towards the staff and tried removing the stone but my hands remained stuck. Its like its draining the life outta me. “you can do this hazel! Try harder” i heard jason’s voice in my head, just then i had a bright idea.
“you think its that easy to defeat me!” he yelled angrily. “no! Its actually easier than i thought” i smired and his eyes widen in shock. I blew up the staff and everything destroyed, the wheel king fell down in defeat. And i fell in jason’s arm, passing out.


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