Home Firstone Stories HAZEL’S AURA (EPISODE 14 SEMI FINAL)


 Who ever said am gonna have a happily ever story? Well guess what, its not even happening anytime soon. Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like all your troubles are over only to find out that it just began?.
You’re welcome then, this is it. This is where i give up, why was i ever born? I mean who the hell even gave birth to me in the first place?
The wheel king i thought is dead just came back like a resurrected soul to haunt me. “did you think that little show will shake me huh?” he asked landing. Jason pushed me behind him and growls at him ready for anything.
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“i would never let you lay your filthy hands on her!” jason yelled obviously pissed. The wheel king gave a sarcastic laugh and then frowned. “do you think you can stop me little boy?” “you’d be surprised what you can live through” He smirked and disappeared. I flinched at the sight of that, he should not appear behind me.
Jason closed his eyes and swiftly opened it, he commanded Alex and Patricia to protect me so he could go look for the wheel king. “he is going for the Danger Staff” he said. “ummm…whats that?” i asked scratching my hair. “its your power staff, with that he can be so powerful that he’ll change our world to whatever he damn pleases.
Hazel he has a strand of your hair and sample of your blood. Its all he needs to unlock the staff.
We have to stop him”. Wow! Am beginning to feel like moses right now. So i have a staff, honestly when is this ever gonna end?. “when we start making a move” jason said clearly reading my thoughts. “fuck you” i mumbled. “i heard that too” he said moving.
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“let me come with you” i followed. “no you can’t…” “enough! All this is happening because of me! If i hadn’t gone into that world then none of this would happen. Its my duty to make sure everyone’s safe, so am coming with you whether you like it or not” i finished glaring at him, i am so angry.
Jason stared at me short of words, he could tell i was very angry because the wind was blowing fast and there was lightening. “okay” he said, i squealed happily. “but you’ll do whatever i say”. “yeah” i mumbled bored, the wind was calm now. “huhmmm” Alex and Patricia cleared their throats at our drama. “can we go now?” Alex asked. “lets do this” i said and we all started moving fast. Mr wheel king, here we come. We are so gonna kick your ass.
I am gonna kick your ass. Jason chuckled as he read my mind, tough girl, he said through our minds and i shrugged. I can’t wait for this to end.
We went deep into the woods as we saw everything becoming dark, the sky was turning dark and the trees purple. Something bad’s happening i can feel it. “we’re too late” jason said worried. “what do you mean?” i asked. “he has control of our world now, we came late” We are really doomed. This is happily never after for me.


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