Life isn’t really complicated, people make it so. I have found that if you love life, life will surely love you back. The most important thing is to enjoy your life-to be happy, thats all that matters.

All that happened yesterday, seemed like it never happened. I don’t even understand, but i am very happy. I woke up in a large royal room, i can’t believe my real family is a royal family and Alexander is my brother. Jason is back to his family, he is a free person now. His parents realized their mistakes and it was like he never left. Patricia on the other hand, owns a big coffee shop she named “ZEE’S”.

The door opened revealing a little girl with a doll and a flower, she looks so familiar.

Of course! Its her. Its the girl i saved yesterday and guess what? She’s my sister, everything happened in a flash and i still don’t get it. But i love it.
Jason and i are together now, so you should know the rest.

I looked out the window, the garden view is so beautiful. The gardener is working in the garden but he looks so familiar. I went to the garden to quench my curiosity.

“ummm excuse me?” i said.
“yes my lady” he said turning, i flinched a little. He saw my fear and looked confused.

“is everything alright?” i heard my mother say, she’s a blondie. My father is the red head.

“y..e..ss mom” i laughed nervously.
She smiled, “this is Mr Gordon, our new gardener”
“nice to meet you sir” i said moving away. Isn’t that the wheel king? When did an almighty king become a gardener? So funny.

I got to the living room and met a shocker. Mrs Susan and my big headed boss Mrs Gina. They bowed on seeing me, but am still shocked.

“this is Mrs Susan of Susan Fashion House and Mrs Gina her P.A” she said and i almost laughed. Mrs gina? A p.a? Wow. I don’t know what happened yesterday but i love this, and this is what i guess my aura changed my world.

Yes her aura did change her world. When she destroyed the magical staff, it had a great effect.

Hazel wished she would meet her family and her life would be normal, for jason to be happy and the wheel king to be powerless.

Jason wished his parents would realize their mistake and free him, for him to be happy with his one true love. Hazel.

Alexander had a simple wish of being happy with his family and patricia.
Patricia wished she owned one of the biggest coffee shops in london and to marry Alex.

This was all they had in minds when the staff was destroyed and because they were truthful, it happened without them knowing.

No one knows what happened in london on that day except them because everything became normal and it was forgotten. So the world changed because of what hazel did and she finally found true happiness.
Now this sounds like
Well at least i think so.

Thank you all for reading Hazel’s Aura by Sherifat Aminu


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