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Girl filmed sneaking out to meet the boy who killed her


This is the chilling moment a schoolgirl walked to her death as she went to meet a boy she had been chatting to on Facebook. Viktorija Sokolova, 14, sneaked out of her home to go and meet the boy in April this year but the next day she was found dead, propped up against a park bench. It is alleged that she was hit so hard that some of her teeth fell out. New CCTV was shown at a trial of a boy, 16, accused of murdering her as she made that final journey. The jury will today continue to consider its verdict and this is the first time the footage of Viktorija has been released.

After allegedly killing her, prosecutors said the boy had sex with her lifeless corpse. Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC told the court: ‘This is as clear a case of murder as you can get. There is no question of Viktorija posing a threat to anybody nor is there a question of self defence.

‘The attacker intended to kill her. She bled heavily from her wounds. The motive for this attack was sexual.’ Adam Kane QC, defending, said in his closing speech: ‘This is a case of “I did not kill her and I don’t know who did”. ‘There’s no doubt he lied about seeing Viktorija but people lie for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it’s a matter of sheer panic.’

Earlier in the trial prosecutors told Wolverhampton Crown Court that one of the victim’s teeth was found under a park bench, another under a bench at the back of the pavilion and fragments of a third on the floor of the pavilion. ‘A post-mortem examination of the two teeth found and the tooth fragment concluded they were Viktorija’s teeth,’ she said.

‘It was a left upper and lower canine and half an incisor. Experts concluded these had been knocked out her mouth by a violent, heavy blow or contact with a hard surface. ‘Six other teeth were chipped.’ A paramedic also recovered a cigarette lighter, a piece of Rizla, a key to her home address, and a letter from the City of Wolverhampton Council relating to a bruise examination. ‘Also found was a hooped earring on a bench inside the pavilion and a second hooped earring on the floor of the pavilion,’ Ms Oakley said.


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