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“here’s whats happening” liam began. “its about time” i muttered. “patricia here is not zee, and i am not Liam” he said and i arched an eyebrow in mock.

I suddenly burst out laughing really hard that tears even came out. Seriously? Am i crazy then.

I mean what the hell is this psycho story about? Cos am beginning to hate my life. Everyone is making fun of me damn it! “did you all escape from the same mental hospital?” i asked admist laughter.

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“that world is real but we don’t come from there. Someone discovered you days ago and raised an alarm to all poweful people. The wheel king found out, he tricked you into coming there.

I had to do some magic for zee… I mean patricia and i to communicate with you” he said and i looked at him in disbelief.

This is beginning to sound like the super heroes story, and i am no super hero. I buried my head between my palms. Why in the world is this happening to me?

I felt a hand on my back, patting me slightly. I looked up to see him, giving me a look of apology. I never wanted all of this. I just want my normal life back. “so what’s your real name?” i asked him with a breaking voice. “Jason” he replied. “my dear, you don’t have to worry.

We will make sure we protect you and help you defeat the wheel king” Alex said trying to lighten up my mood. “yeah and trust me, he will run with his head when you deal with him” patricia added.

You need to eat” jason said standing up. I nodded my head and followed him upstairs.

#Jason’s POV I watched her sleep, such a beautiful woman. The woman im in love with, the woman my heart beats for. Wanna know how i found her? First my name is Jason Trent, a member of a royal family in manchester.

I left home a year ago, because my parents wouldn’t let me be free and also to protect them. You know what happens to families of people with powers like me, danger.

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I love my parents and my little sister Bernie, but i can’t go back. My parents are really a pain in the ass.

I am 24 and yet can’t have freedom or decide things for me without even asking for my opinion. Can you believe that? I always do what they want, stay where they want me to be but they were still never satisfied.

I don’t go out, have less friends, i only attend social functions like am some sort of prince. So one night, i ran away and never went back, they looked for me but i am way too smarter than that. So i got a job and bought this house with a hidden identity.

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Enough about me, now how i found Hazel? Yeah, a month ago i delivered pizza at her workplace. I was mesmerized by her beauty but she didn’t seem to notice me.

Not only that, i found that she had this hidden aura within her, one that is very unique but as you know, she doesn’t even know she has something great within her.

I started following her and watching her every move until someone else found her one day and raised an alarm. Am still gonna kill that guy.

I knew immediately she was in danger. So i discovered Monsoon and the wheel king. I did some magic to prince liam and zee, the rest you know.

Now she’s here with me, i can feel her pain, her fear. I won’t let anyone hurt her ever. I’ll also help her find her family but that’s gonna be a suprise for later.

I mean after the war, yes the war. The demons are already in our world. This is the the collision of two worlds, and is starting tomorrow….


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