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(Episode 8)Hazel’s Aura


The wheel king found me! What am i gonna do now? I know Liam is here but something tells me it would take more than the two of us to stop that evil man.

Liam noticed my reaction and gave me a reassuring smile and patted my shoulder. “come with me, there’s something i wanna show you” he said. I just nodded and went to change but not without taking my bath.

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He came with a bike, we sat on it, with me behind and holding his waist tight.

He took me past several places, we finally got there, to where he stopped. I got down and starred at the beautiful house, it was way beyond explanation. “do you like it?” he asked holding my left hand sweetly.

I felt chills run down my spine and my heart beat faster than usual, i can’t really understand this feeling. “i love it” i said smiling, but why are we here in the first place? “its beautiful” “glad you liked it” he said.

“but why are we here?” i asked facing him. He smirked and touched my hair softly, he just likes doing that! And what its doing to me, i can’t really explain. “this is my house and you’ll be staying here” he said, i arched an eyebrow.

Really? He’s really acting like my boyfriend but he isn’t, too bad. “…for now” he added and i sighed heavily.

Its such a big house, i have never gotten this kind of opportunity my whole life and i feel so elated. Good things should happen to me for once. He took my hand again and led me inside, we headed towards the living room. The colors of the house are so beautiful.

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I got the shock of my life when we got there, my mouth parted in shock. Zee! And a blonde guy! Making out on the couch! Liam cleared his throat and they parted, sitting back on the couch, straightening their clothes. “Alex and Patricia! Do i need to lecture you both on the importance of carefulness?” liam asked sitting down.

Patricia? What happened to zee? She is alive! Hale and hearty! At least am glad to see that. “calm down jay” the alex said. Now who the hell is jay? These people are driving me crazy.

“its a long story hazel” liam said, noticing my confusion. “hi hazel, am Alexander” Alex Introduced and jay or liam gave him a deadly glare that he shut up. He cleared his throat…


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