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(Episode 7) Hazel’s Aura


Have you ever been in this kind of situation before?. You stay conscious, you die. You faint, you die. If i fainted right now, this man will take me away, i mean i’ll make matters worse for Liam.

Its not really easy to protect someone who’s unconscious. I want to faint, i feel like the ground should just open up and swallow me.

I really need to enter the ground! This evil man’s smirking and is making me flinch, why is he so wicked? “hello little nephew” he said laughing slightly. “what are you doing here?!”

Liam yelled at him whilst standing in front of me. I stood behind him with a scary expression, the wheel king is doing a great job in making me feel uncomfortable.

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And he seemed to be very pleased with it, scaring the hell outta me. He laughed again and turned dead serious. “im here to take what’s mine” he said as his voice echoed the whole room. Gosh! Not only is he trouble and evil but he’s also so loud, my eardrum’s gonna break.


“she is not your property! And she’s going back to where she belongs” Liam yelled obviously pissed off.
“don’t test me little nephew!” he barked.

Liam turned to face me and started saying some magical words i don’t understand. He took the potion and gave it to me to drink.

I was pouring it in my mouth when that parrot carried the red one and dropped it with it. “oh no!” i screamed.
“oh yes!” the wheel king exclaimed happily.

I slowly started feeling dizzy and liam held me, he smiled and shook his head. “im coming for you. I will always find you and protect you. Because i love you, i’ve always did even before you came here. I’ll find you…”
That was all i heard before it became dark.

A slight headache woke me up from sleep, i stirred and slowly opened my eyes. I jumped up in fright, but to my suprise i was in my room.

I searched around, nobody was inside with me. I sighed and sat down. So much for the wheel king and his family.

My stomach growled, yeah i didn’t eat last night. I tool my phone and ordered for pizza, i went to take my bath afterwards. I aint going to work today.

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A while later my doorbell rang, it must be pizza. I opened the door to see a young man with a face cap and the resturant shirt. “good morning miss. We have an order for miss hazel” he said looking at the book he was holding. His voice, it sounds so familiar i can feel it. “thats me” i replied.

He looked up handing me the pizza. I froze. Liam! “liam!” i shouted and jumped on him, almost knocking him down. I wrapped my legs around him and he held me tight. I closed my eyes and smiled “you found me”.


I finally got down and he smiled touching my hair, he likes doing that. “im here to protect you. I’ll never let that man hurt you” he said. I grinned happily, my own prince charming found me. I took his hand and led him inside but i stopped. If liam is here, that means the wheel king must have found me….

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