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(Episode 6) HAZEL’S AURA

Liam did some magic and the door opened! Wow! So he has magical powers! We went inside and he shut the door behind him. He started bringing out some things i don’t know, im so confused.
He arranged everything, there was an awkard silence, a lot of things running through my mind. What is he doing? Why am i here? Why is this happening to me? Can i trust this man? “yes you can trust me” he broke the silence. Huh? Did i say that loud? Oh crap! “what are you doing?” i asked.
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“saving your ass” he replied not looking at me. “or should i surrender you to my uncle?” he added sarcastically. I flinched, this is really awesome! So im gonna be barbeque today! Today is just my day!
“the wheel king! I’m so dead” i said almost crying. He came and held my hands, “i won’t allow that, i promise you”.


“the universal door can only open in twelve days, you need to leave now” he said bringing out a blue, yellow and red potion. “what do we do now?” i asked pacing up and down restlessly. “relax, thats what the potions are for, im gonna make a spell to send you back.
Its risky but i’ll try” he answered with a reassuring smile even though i could tell he was nervous. I watched him mix the blue and yellow potions together, but left the red. I wonder why.
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“the red potion must not touch this mixture, its used to wipe out monsters, if it does they’ll follow you to your world” he said, i know he’s at it again, reading my mind. I was about to talk when the door opened and zee barged in. She was bleeding from her neck, i rushed to her side to hold her. She looked at me and smiled “y..o…u ha..ve to go”
she said more like a whisper. Tears slid down my cheeks, this could have been me, she risked her life for mine. “please don’t die zee” i said crying.
I glanced at liam who was busy still chanting some spells and mixing the potions. I walked over to him and pulled him by the shoulder angrily til he was facing me. “what?” he asked coldly. I fumed at this, he’s acting ignorant of the situation. “really? Are you really doing this right now?”
i snapped angrily at him. A look of suprise was on his face at my sudden outburst. Yeah! Im so mad at him for ignoring zee. She saved my life for crying out loud! She deserves better than this cold treatment.
He ignored me and continued mixing the shit.
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I grunted and moved closer to him, not to kiss him of course. I saw a cloth i can use to stop her bleeding, i slowly dragged it and he turned to look at me.
Our eyes locked in an intense gaze, i was lost in his beautiful eyes. Our sweet moment was interrupted by a loud bang on the door. The door flung open and revealed a man, with a parrot. “well well, what do we have here? A family reunion! How sweet!” he smirked. “hello little nephew”. Its him!!!
Hope you are  enjoying the story?
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