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(Episode 4) Hazel’s Aura


Written by Sherifat Aminu

My heart beat increased when he came closer and i percieved his perfume. I looked up and met his eyes, gosh they’re so beautiful, he really is cute. He coughed as he saw how i was gazing at him.

“you shouldn’t check me out that much my lady” he said smirking. What? How on earth did he know i was checking him out? “and you shouldn’t wonder how i knew” he said again.

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Is this guy some kinda mind reader? “yes” he replied, i couldn’t think again, he was doing a great job making me uncomfortable. “you are not from our world, are you?” he asked touching my hair.

I slapped his hand and everyone gasped, his guards charged towards me but he gave them a sign to stop. “so what? I am not and i wanna go home if you don’t mind” I replied boldly. Where is the macho spirit coming from? I was suddenly not afraid.


He just stood there looking at me, like he didn’t know what to say. “look if you know how to get me home, just say it” i finally said breaking the silence.

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He shook his head and smiled stretched his hands towards me. “come with me” he said. I scoffed “really?” “if you want to return home miss, you have to come with me” he said again with a reassuring smile.

He wouldn’t stop smiling, he was melting me with it. I was just pretending to be bold but in reality, i really felt like…no…i shouldn’t think of that.

But he made me feel the way i have never felt before, what is with him? I asked myself. “well…?” he said jittering me out of my reverie.

I looked at him, then at zee who nodded her head grinning, what is so funny? I looked at the animals who gave me a go ahead. “okay, i’ll just give you a chance but my friends must come with me” i finally talked and he chuckled.

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“fine” he replied leading us to the carriage. I mean zee and i, the animals could get there themselves.

Zee quickly closed her shop and followed us, i guess she felt happy to be riding with a prince.

I was less happy or sad. I just wanted to go home. I smiled as i looked at the kingdom from above.


I was cooing in my chambers with some pretty ladies when my messenger parrot came to interrupt.

What is wrong with this parrot? Disturbing my leisure hour, it better had good news or else it would go exile.

“i am deeply sorry to disturb you my lord but i have my reasons” it said bowing his head. “well speak up and it better be good” I warned pointing my finger at him.

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He looked at the ladies and shook his head, I dismissed the ladies immediately. “your time has come my lord” he began “your time to finally be ruler of the whole world, both here and outside”

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I sat up on hearing this, my dreams were coming true. “tell me grey, what did you see?” “the girl came from the other world, the big world and she also bears the mark of the seven damsels. Those damsels were the greatest auras of all time and she has all their powers combined” he said.

I smirked thinking, she is my ticket to the other world, to being ruler of the universe. I must have have her…

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