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(Episode 3) Hazel’s Aura


Written by: Sherifat Aminu

I quietly followed my new friends, Jiji, foss and Maze. Am really beginning to feel like Cinderella right now. We were walking on the road, i saw humans and animals relating freely.

Such a beautiful world. Animals were trading like humans, no discrimination. We stopped at a coffee shop, ZEE’S i guess.

Jiji went inside and came out minutes later with a lady my age. She had this long dark hair, blue eyes and such lovely voice. “hi” i said nervously.

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But why am i even nervous? Its not like am crushing on her tho. “hello” she said sternly and turned to jiji, “who’s this?”. Huh? What is with miss coffee shop? She’s acting kinda rude and bossy i thought. “i am Hazel” i cut in before jiji could talk. “Zee” she said smiling and extending her hand for a shake.

This lady is really strange. “Come in” she said leading me inside the shop and offered me a seat at one of the tables. She hurried off and brought coffee for me, i smiled and thanked her collecting it.


I took a sip of the coffee, “not bad” i said as my friends came to sit with me. Zee came back minutes later and dragged a chair beside me. “so where are you from?” she asked gazing at me.

I coughed and replied, “london”. “LONDON?” they all chorused looking at me like i had grown horns. “yes” “you are not from this world?” zee asked.

“yes and i don’t know how i got here too. I just wanna go home” i said frowning. Zee was about to say something when they heard a trumpet sound, everyone started rushing out. I followed the suit and was amazed at what i saw. A flying carriage! … A beautiful carriage with four large unicorns, two at front and two at back.

The unicorns were bigger than maze and royal blue in color while maze was white. “are those your family?” i asked maze still looking at them. Maze’s expression changed to a sad one, he bowed his head sadly. “maze?” i called shaking him.
“let him be, his family are not somewhere good now” Foss said. I kept wondering what he meant by that.

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“how?” “his family were enslaved by the wheel king during the last battle four years ago” Zee started, “the wheel king is the late king’s brother who got jealous of his brother and decided to become king. He fought his brother but he lost and he went away. Years later he came back powerful and very strong.

He fought the king again and won, but he wasn’t able to have the whole of monsoon, he divided it to two which is the other area which seems dark.


He came again four years ago and started a battle and left with slaves. Maze’s family were part of them”.
I opened my mouth agape in shock when she finished, such a cruel man.
I felt sorry for maze, i shouldn’t have talked about his family. “so who is that?” i pointed at the carriage.

prince liam” Jiji replied flying. “oh” i looked up to see the carriage slowly landing in front of us.

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The prince must have seen something to make him stop his journey. He came out immediately it landed and started coming my direction.
My heart was beating so fast…
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