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(Episode 2) Hazel’s Aura



Written by: Sherifat Aminu

“It’s just a dream” i said panting but was this really a dream because i could feel the effect of the running. I quickly turned back to my machine, i had slept off unknowingly.

It’s a good thing Mrs. Gina was not around. I checked the time, eight, i took my bag and headed out the door.
I bade Mrs. Susan goodbye and headed home. The streets were beautiful and crowded. As i made to enter my street, i saw them.
These birds again. Wasn’t that supposed to be a dream? Or…nightmare.

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But they were not talking, they were chirping like normal birds, they kept following me. Okay Hazel you’re overreacting, they’re just birds, i muttered to myself. I got inside my apartment and shut the door behind me. I was so tired. I sat down and thought of my nightmare, it really bothered me.

Voices kept ringing in my head, telling me things i didn’t understand. When did all these start or am i going psycho?
“The universe is calling you” the voice said and i got up startled. “Am really going crazy”


5 hours ago • Sent from Mobile I poured myself a glass of chilled water, and went to sit back on my bed. I went inside my bathroom and took a shower, changed into my pyjamas and jumped on my bed.

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I started thinking again, this time about the creature i saw. What a weird, I thought. “The universe is calling you, you need to listen” the voice running in my head said again. “NO!!!” i yelled covering my ears, this was my worst night ever.
I covered my face with the sheets, but the voice kept disturbing.

I took my headphones and started listening to music. It helped because i didn’t know when i slept off.
Here again!

I was in front of the bright light in the woods again. How on earth did i get here now? I heard a loud snarl behind me, i slowly turned and i saw that hideous monster staring at me with gnashed teeth. I got really scared, since i had no way to run, I entered into the light and passed out I guess. Because i could only see darkness and strange eyes looking at me. Really? What is this place?


“Is she dead?” “i don’t think so” “oh she’s moving”
All these voices kept ringing in my head, I turned and slowly opened my eyes to behold several eyes looking down at me.
“Oh” I said sitting up and scratching my hair, i looked around. I was in the most beautiful garden i had ever seen in my whole life, beautiful trees, green grass and animals moving around. Wait a sec… I looked back at the ones in front of me. Talking animals!.

I am really gonna go psycho. A donkey, parrot and a unicorn. Wow a live unicorn!

“Hi” I said getting up.
“Hello am jiji” the parrot introduced.
“Oh I am Hazel” I smiled.
“I am Foss and this is maze the unicorn” the donkey said and i giggled. Such strange names. “nice to meet you” I replied.
“Welcome to our world. Welcome to paradise. Welcome to Monsoon Hazel” they all chorused which made me laugh a little.

Let us show you around, there are humans here like you” Jiji said.
I nodded and followed them, what am I doing here cos I still don’t get. Is this the universe?
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