Home Firstone Stories EPISODE 13 (HAZEL’S AURA)


The Aura The wheel king is making some incantations, and some smokes seems to be forming. Meanwhile i am feeling a little wierd, like am losing some energy. I feel it. “hapes kilmalde geria seva punde sedmofi dento” he kept chanting that nonsense and i kept draining life out of me. “stop!!!” That was jason.
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“light incense symphonies, freedom power change, forces of light aid my freedom. Bid me plea, losen my grip and break my bond” It broke! The chains used to tie jason up broke! The wheel king has this shocked expression, you should see his face. I feel like bursting out right now but i don’t want to.
I am waiting till the right time. “you little brat! I’ll show you real power!” the wheel king yelled and made a gesture with his hands which made jason hold his neck. “no! No please don’t kill him! Its me you want and you have me! Please!” i cried for mercy as i saw him bleeding.
He wasn’t stopping, he kept laughing evily and i felt a part of me slowly dying. But wait! I have powers right? I should be able to stop him.
But how do i use it? Concentrate Hazel Concentrate. An aura is something you create from your enviroment which relates with the flow of energy i.e your ability to create a line of energy, a new power. I closed my eyes and started to relate with my environment, i let energy flow through me and i heard nothing no more.
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Just sparks of lightening and wind, i was able to move everything around me just by thinking of it. Then i saw jason again, bleeding. “NO!!!” I yelled and everything was destroyed, everybody flew like they’ve been affected by a bomb.
I got up and rushed to jason. “jason! Jason! Are you okay?!” i asked shaking him. “run” he said. “but…” “I SAID RUN!” he shouted and i began to run but i stopped, i can’t leave without him. I wanted to go back but i found that he’s disappeared.
I started to run outside with those stupid guards chasing me. I stopped once outside and the first thing that came to my mind is ‘blow the house’. I gave an evil grin and snapped my fingers.
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The house blew up immediately with the guards flying here and there like clothes. I guess the wheel king is there too. I can’t believe am this powerful. I heard sounds like clapping behind me and i turned only to see Alex, Patricia and…and Jason smiling and clapping for me. Without thinking i rushed to jason and hugged him really tight. “i thought you died, i was so scared.
Please don’t ever leave me again” He disengaged and stroked my hair lightly. “i promised to always protect you, i failed you and i won’t let that…” I shut him up by placing my lips on his, he continued and am so happy.
“lets go home” he said “not so fast” a voice said. We turned only to see him. The wheel king, he didn’t die huh and he’s even flying.


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