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(Episode 12) HAZEL’S AURA


Jason’s POV You’re all wondering how the wheel king caught me right? Well lets just say i wasn’t really caught, but i was caught. After watching my love sleep, i went out to get some clothes for her. I really plan on taking care of her from now on.

I never want to let her out of my sight, never.I took my bike and went to the nearest mall, then to the female clothes section. I bought some good dresses,jean trousers and tops. I also bought some shoe and bags.

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I was about leaving the mall when my phone buzzed in my pocket, i brought it out and saw a message and lots of missed calls from Alex. I opened and it read.. “Jason where are you? Come home right now! Why aint you picking my calls? We need you home Hazel is…” I didn’t finish before rushing home, i shouldn’t have left.

I hope nothing bad has happened to my Hazel. On getting home i met a shocker. My house was disarranged, Alex was treating Patricia who is in a pretty bad shape.

I ran upstairs to check for her in my room but she wasn’t there. Immediately i saw what happened, the wheel king came when i left.

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I didn’t feel suspicious because he cast a spell on me. That man won’t ever give up, i ran back downstairs and helped Alex carry Patricia to her room without saying anything.

I am going to save her but i need a plan, a perfect one. I paced up and down thinking of the perfect plan and my eyes lighten as i got one. Why didn’t i think of this earlier?

I waited till evening when Patricia was feeling better before telling them about my awesome plan. Their mouth parted in shock at my excellent idea. “wow jason! Thats wonderful!” Patricia said sitting up. “i can’t wait to see his face when you disappear” Alex added giving an evil grin. I smiled and turned. “its time”

We got to the wheel king’s hideout. This is the plan, since am a supernatural being, i can split to two. My original body will stay at home while the fake one will get caught.

I will use the opportunity to study the place well before disappearing. I am laughing my ass out thinking of that, you will need to see the wheel king’s face when it happens. We attack the guards and a battle begins, the wheel king arrived moments later and the whole place trembled.

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He can’t get his desires until its after a full moon. He attacked me directly and managed to capture me. Alex and Patricia had to retreat, we succeeded in decieving the wheel king.

Now we await our next line of acion, while am getting harsh beatings from the wheel king’s servants. Two days later, they finally take me out to a room, i saw her. But i had to act dead, she was so horrified but what can i do? I just have to wait for a while before i vanish…


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