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I stopped for while holding my breath, my legs are freaking hurting me. But this loser dragging me won’t understand, yeah he’s following his stupid master’s orders. I was chained with both hands and legs that i couldn’t escape. Not that i have an escape plan tho.

He dragged me to a scary room with different materials. Looks like a ritual’s about to be done here, like seriously? Am i gonna be fed to the gods? The gods must be crazy. If they think am gonna let them eat me.

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No! I gotta fight this, i mean i have powers too right? For the records, am supposed to be the most powerful being but i don’t even know how to use it.

Am i supposed to do some abracadabra stuff before i can get to you know fly off?. I was placed on the chair and the idiot went to guard the door.

Lots of them are actually in this enviroment. This is gonna be such a long day! I can’t wait to see my blood {sarcastically}, i mean since thats what has been happening to me lately. Death wishes!

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I played with my fingers as i awaited my downfall, they should just start already! Am so anxious to see what they wanna do. The door opened and i sighed in relieve. Huh? Am i supposed to be relieved? I mean i could die here right?. The wheel king walked in with his usual evil grin, his guards were also holding someone who looked all beaten up and sober.

My eyes widened in realisation to who it was, my mouth agape. “jason!” i yelled trying to get up from the chair but i was damn stuck. “don’t waste your energy my dear, you’re going to need it” the bastard said. If the wheel king has jason, then am doomed.

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Who’s going to save me now? What off Alex and Patricia? Perhaps they’re on their way to save us. Oh God i hope so. They dropped jason on the floor and started with the ritual {i think}. this is gonna be fun” i said trying to sound calm. “trust me dear it is” he replied smirking. “so what are doing?” i asked curious. He chuckled and moved closer. “taking over your world” he whispered evily.


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