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I woke up with a slight headache, i held my head as i stirred on the bed. But wait, why does the bed have leaves and is so rough? I opened my eyes and reality dawn on me. I jumped up in fright. Its dark and there are so many trees, bushes and thorns all around.

How did i get here?! This is a fucking forest damn it!. I slowly walked through it, i am so freaking scared. Why did i have to come here? I was in my pyjamas, with no shoes or slippers on. Liam or Jason, why did he do this to me? Why? He lied to me! He broke his promise of protecting me.

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How on earth did i get to this creepy and scary place? I am so scared. I wish this is all a dream and i will wake up soon and go to work. How i miss my mother Mrs Susan so much and my boss Mrs Gina’s screams and pride. Oh God please help me, protect me please i have no one.

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I am all alone, please don’t let me die this way. Let me at least meet my family before i die, let me know them at least. God i hate my sober life!

I walked in silence and great fear. I don’t even know how to get outta here, how did i even get here? Different thoughts flooded my mind as i walked on, i suddenly stepped on something piercing that pinched my legs. I jumped back as i scream in great pains, i fell on my butt and t’was so painful.

I looked foward at what pinched me and my heart nearly jumped out of chest. My breathing became fast and erratic. A big dark creature with dark golden scary eyes popped slowly out of the earth. It came foward to me, i jumped up and started to run away. I was heading to nowhere but i just kept running.


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My leg hit a big stone, i fell and screamed louder in pain. I looked up to see the monster glaring murderously at me, i flinched and moved backwards with my butt.

I covered my eyes with my hands and expected the worst. “someone help me! Help me please! Jason please come for me! I need you please!” i screamed so loud. The creature roared and i screamed more. Somebody should help me. Is this the end?


I was expecting pain but saw none. I heard slaying sounds rather, after a while it died down. I slowly lifted my head and saw a masked knight looking at me. He had killed the monster, holding a shiny golden sword with no traces of bloodstain.

This is just amazing! Before i could say jack, he carried me on his horse and rode out of the forest.
He then dropped me on the roadside and rode away. “thank you for saving me!” i said to him but he didn’t hear. I was still looking his way, i didn’t notice a coming car which i collided with. Mind you i was crossing the road.Then it all became dark.


Light entered my eyes as i opened them to see a window.I try to move but am stuck. What the… Am tied to a bed, in a strange room.

Who did this to me? Jason? But why?I tried moving but no avail.”someone help me!” i screamed.The door bolt open to reveal my worst nightmare, my body began to shake.The wheel king!

Smirking evily at me.”holla” How did i get here? Jason and the others, where are they?


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