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Written by: Sherifat Aminu

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Birds chipping early in the morning was the sound i heard as i sluggishly got up from my bed. I opened the windows as i slowly inhaled the fresh hair closing my eyes to feel the magical moment. I loved the feeling, free and happy.
That’s how i felt. I wished i could be like that forever but I had to leave for work.

I wouldn’t want mrs gina yelling at me on a good monday morning, not that she comes early though.
I closed the window and went inside my bathroom, i loosen my hair from the French braid and let it fall. I brushed my teeth looking myself in the mirror, how i have grown so big.

I then took my bath using the shower and washed my hair. I got out, dried my hair and wore a blue jeans trouser and an armless white top. I just packed my hair in a bun and went to make myself breakfast.

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I made fried eggs with some toasted bread, ate it and made my way out of my little apartment into the streets.
As i made my way on the streets, i watched how people were moving up and down the streets, doing business and all. Kids were also going to school and there were busy vehicles everywhere. There was one person’s name that kept ringing everywhere i passed. HAZELRED HEAD ARIEL THE MERMAID.

Yes, i am hazel with a red hair, brownish green eyes and white skin. That’s why they say i look like ariel in the movie. Remember her?
I got to the shop and met mrs susan already working, i sighed, she’s always early. “oh red head, you’re here” she said smiling.

“morning mum, how are you?” i replied sitting down in front of my machine. “good as you can see, well at least not until mrs big head arrives” she said and i burst into a wild laughter. “what is so funny?” a fierce voice yelled behind me and my laughter died down immediately. I knew it was her, the big head.. giggles..
“nothing ma’m” i replied looking down. She hissed and passed me fanning herself and raising her head in pride. Such a proud ass.

She came to my front and held my face, staring evily at me.
“look here ariel” she started “this is a business place not a circus. Now if you don’t want your job being fed to beggars, you better be serious and not joke around”. She hissed and walked into her office.

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Mrs susan looked at me with pitiful eyes, but i didn’t get emotional, i was used to it already.
I just started my work and listened to music with my headphones.

In the evening, i closed the shop and made my way home through the dark streets. Some birds flew past me chirping but wait! I think i heard them talk.
I heard my name. No, am just hallucinating, its just an illusion I told myself. But they came closer and this time they screamed “HAZEL!!!”.

I turned to see a devilish looking creature snarling at me. I panicked and started to run away. I didn’t know where to but i just kept running until i got to the woods.

I stopped in front of a big shining light and saw the creature no more. I was about to enter, then i woke up from sleep…


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