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E-mentoring Business Class Top Topics


Doing Business is a Tough game you have to know the tricks if you want to be successful, but its easier to succeed when u have a mentor to guide you through the process!..

At the February E-mentoring Business Class You have to opportunity to connect with our guest mentors from Nigeria, Hungary and India for 4weeks as they take you through a process that would equip you with the right knowledge and skill to enable you build the business of your dream!

Class starts 3rd of February to 3rd of March on WhatsApp, During this class we will be discoursing on this Ten(10) Top topics listed below:

1.Building the winning Brand.

2. The Act of selling, Ways to generate massive sales and follow leads

3. Understanding the realities of the digital age.

4. How to grow your Business using Digital Platforms (Social Media Master Class).

5. Ways to build your business Network.

6. The Impact of leadership on business success.

7. Importance of team work and how to build an effective team

8. How Build the right structure to sustain growth.

9. How to create and excellent finance plan for your business.

10.How to raise Capital for your business.

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