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Drama as man brings home male who camouflaged as a lady from dance club


An Abuja based man looking for sexual fulfillment has been left in stun minutes after the accomplice he picked from a club ended up being a 22-year-elderly guy, who camouflaged as a lady.

The said case is at present being taken care of by the police in any case, the two gatherings appear to have changed sides to the story.

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It was accumulated that Iliyasu Omika of Tungan Maje was gotten at a house of ill-repute in Mpape zone of the Government Capital Domain by the unidentified man for a night of joy at his home, yet his desires swung to dissatisfaction as his alleged accomplice ended up being a man.

The police said Omika camouflaged as a woman to draw men at dance club for passionate connections yet that he came up short on fortunes when his alleged customer raised the caution after finding his sexual orientation, which prompted his capture.

In any case, the Kogi State indigene challenged the charge, expressing that he didn’t act like a lady to bait men as affirmed.

Talking in a meeting in Abuja on Tuesday, Omika clarified that he was in a bar with his sisters when the complainant offered to get him drinks, including that he turned down the offer since he didn’t take liquor.

He expressed that he described to the man that he and his sisters were in the bar to search for occupations, however the man educated him that they could get work at the bar.

The speculate said;

“I was in a bar and a man saw me and asked if I was Igala (ethnic group), I said yes. He offered to buy drinks for me, but I told him I don’t take alcohol, so he bought me a soft drink.

“I told him that my sisters and I were in the bar to look for jobs, but he said there were no jobs there and offered to take us to his house. He explained that we could stay the night and promised to give us N3,000 so we could go back to our village; so, we went with him to his house.”

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On getting to the complainant’s habitation, Omika, who has female highlights, said the man requested that his sisters lay down with him in his room, however they turned him down.

“The man said my sisters should come and sleep with him, but they refused and chose to sleep in the living room. So, I slept off and the man touched my chest and upon discovering that I was a man, he called the police and I was arrested. It was at daybreak that the police came and I was taken away,”




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