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Daddy Freeze-Stop Celebrating Christmas, Its Not For Christ But Pagan God


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In the atmosphere of Christmas and the New Year celebration, controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze, has called on people celebrating Christmas to stop convincing the world that 25th is Christ’s birthday.

In his statement he claimed that they were actually celebrating a pagan god called Nimrod.

The statement was made when Freeze reacted to an American pastor, Brother Benx’s video, where he had disagreed with Christmas and Easter celebration, stating that there was no biblical documentation to back up such dates.

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Freeze claimed that birthdays are pagan rituals under pagan gods and not of Christian origin.

He further stated that Christ never celebrated his birthday of any birthday at all.

He wrote on Instagram, “You can’t just conjure up a date and fool the world into believing it’s Christ’s birthday when it’s actually Nimrod’s birthday that coincides with the winter solstice of the druids and pagans.

“Christ never celebrated his birthday or any birthday at all, so why bring him into your pagan rituals and under your pagan gods?

“At the request of pagan ruler Herod Antipas step daughter Salome, at his birthday party, John the Baptist was beheaded.

“Birthdays are of pagan, NOT Christian origin! Celebrate your birthdays all you want, JUST KEEP CHRIST OUT OF IT!”


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