Home News Boyfriend sleeps with another bae at party while looking for charger

Boyfriend sleeps with another bae at party while looking for charger


A Twitter user who reacted to our report earlier today about a lady who chronicled twisted scenarios during her boyfriend’s female bestie visit, narrated how her boyfriend slept with a side chick at a party while she was looking for a charger.

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According to the lady, she walked into the room and met her boyfriend having sex with his side chick who was screaming ‘where is my charger’. Read her tweet below;

This guy I was seeing once pulled that stunt, they both went into the bedroom apparently to look for her charger….when I realized the door was closed I walked in…and they were fucking, the girl busy screaming where is my charger, with the 🍆 inside

He invited me to his daughter’s 1st birthday party, I was hesitant to go, but he assured me that there won’t be any drama. So I was expecting just the baby mama and friends, to my surprise, there was another girl, who was his other girlfriend

The girlfriend and the “friend” came to confront me, he apparently told both of them that I needed a place to sleep, I was stranded..some shit like that! All I did was show them my WhatsApp conversation with him..where he was begging me to come to the party

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They guy was just so chilled, he is like “y’all are full of drama”, I’m here with all of you mos. They decided to come back and ” look for the charger” So the other girl left, it was down to just us 3…and we were actually having a good laugh about the whole situation, he friend request that we call Uber for her, which was done…I don’t know what happened on their way to the Uber



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