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African Online Film Festival (AOFF) has empowers local film and culture across Africa


Since StarTimes ON announced its Pan Africa Online Film Festival (PAOFF) in Lagos, with several awards to encourage African local online film creation, stakeholders in the entertainment industry have been lauding the initiative, created to celebrate the budding online creative content producers.

PAOFF, a quarterly online film awards competition aims to showcase and reward creative content by giving exposure on the StarTimes ON platform which has millions of subscribers, and is open.
According to the organisers, while addressing the media, ” PAOFF is about the only place where you can you access African films in huge amount and high quality.”

StarTimes ON hopes that this film festival could facilitate African local films as well as African culture to reach profound development together with social public support”.

PAOFF was established to mainly promote local films and culture rather than imported foreign films for consideration of public interest in Africa.

StarTimes ON has also launched a fan voting system for all videos that are qualified for the awards competition, which will include favourite film ranking board, favourite short film ranking board, favourite MV board. All videos will be listed in the three boards basing on their categories and rank according to votes from StarTimes ON users.

The winning video of each board will win the quarterly Best Film Award, Best Short Film Award and Best MV Award, whose producer will get $1500 as cash prize.

“It is an online age and local online video contents will be an important pillar of StarTimes ON’s content strategy,” said Ariel Wang, Operation Director of StarTimes ON.


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