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Are you thinking of advertising your business and services that you want it to be know all over the universe?

Advertising on FirstOne.NG is a very good and reliable chance to take,If publicity and promising returns is what you want then achieving your goal is a child’s play when you advertise with us.

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We will help you Hit your Target within the Shortest Period you least expected with our different advert type.

We Offer Three 3 Types of Advertisement Format on FirstOne.NG which are:

(i) Banner Ads

(ii) Text Ads

(iii)Social Media

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(1.) Banner Advert:- We can place Banner Ads for you on our Website. 128 * 240 Size at Both Sides. 178 * 320 Size at the Top of the Site. 178 * 340 Size at the Bottom of the Site

(2.) Text Advert:- For now, Text Ads Runs mainly on the Site Update List, This Section can hit your Targeted Audience within the Shortest period of time. Have Ebooks, Product or anything you want to Promote? This is the bet option for you .

(3.) Social media Advert:- You want us to Publicize your Products and or Services to our Followers on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram? That’s Pretty much easily and cool, as we can Target your Ads to those who are gonna be highly Interested in them.

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Interested in Advertising on FirstOne.NG? No Matter how Small your Advertisement Budget is, we will help you Get to your Targeted Audience.

Send email to-: ads@firstone.ng
Call-: 07052348519

Please Kindly Send Info on what you want to Advertise, The Advert Format and also the Duration to Us.. We’ll send you a Perfect Information you need to know to get your Advert Running Asap.