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(Episode 5) Hazel’s Aura


We finally got to the castle, this is the biggest castle i have ever seen in my whole life. We got down and he led us inside, to the large living room. This place is really paradise on earth.
Zee and i sat down opposite prince liam, i stared at him to begin. “you said you could help me get out of here, so how?” i asked emotionless. He cleared his throat and began.

“you shouldn’t have come here” was all he said. What the hell? What is he even talking about? Is that supposed to help me get back home? Why am i even talking to this crazy guy? “why?” i asked.

He sighed and came close “your life is in danger here” I arched an eyebrow, like seriously? Does he even know that it was danger that brought me here.

“how” i asked again looking at see who shook her head. “because you’re too special, and being here means grave danger i tell you” Zee answered. This is so unbelievable, a set of crazy people

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“you have a great power Hazel” he said, i can’t believe he even knows my name.
“an indispensible aura, you can make the wheel king very powerful and ruler of the whole universe. He just needs your blood and he’ll be great. He’ll destroy here, and your world”.

I am really getting scared now, why should this happen to me today? I don’t understand. “but…but i’d be gone before he knows am here right?” i said nervously, with a shaky voice. Liam shook his head, “he already knows you’re here”.

I was about to answer when a loud noise startled us, i jumped in great fright. Liam took my hand and started dragging me away.

I tried to free myself but i couldn’t, i started screaming for him to leave me. He stopped and angrily looked at me, i got a little scared though. “will you bring your voice down before you bring untimely death to yourself?”

I looked down and he continue taking me away. Then we stopped in front of a room with a big door.


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