Home News 19-Year-Old Girl Gets Weds Her Dead Boyfriend’s Corpse

19-Year-Old Girl Gets Weds Her Dead Boyfriend’s Corpse


In what can be described as a powerful show of undying love, a 19-year-old Philippine lady by the name Zyrine got married to her dead boyfriend Jake Anthony Macadangdang, 22, to enable her to give him a befitting loving farewell.

Jake Anthony who had just graduated from university, was hit by a car after an argument outside a bar. Though the wedding is not legally binding, both families gave their approval for the ceremony while the Church consented by providing a priest.

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During the ceremony, Zyrine wore a white dress while her boyfriend arrived in a white coffin. She then read her vows and put on a wedding ring.

Jake and Zyrine had been together since high school and Zyrine is now in her final year in the university.

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