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You Need An Expect To Develop Your CV – Ebenezer Akume


Can you tell us brief about yourself, I noticed that you’ve worked at Next Gear Group and other reputable companies, how did your career path take you to this big project (REVAMPCV)?

My name is Ebenezer Akume and I am the CEO of The Revamp Company. Growing up as a child

I strongly connected to being a part of my community and also helping others, these inspired me to always look out for opportunities and platforms where to enable me help others. During my university days I joined AIESEC (a youth lead NGO) and as a member I worked closely with the Talent Management team this experience was what formed the foundation of my human resource management career.

Since then I have also worked with IcarryGo.com, Youth 4 Change Nigeria, Yspot, Frontline Educational Research and Technological Institute and finally currently Next Gear Group. The Revamp Company was born out of my desire to help young people across the globe recreate their identities for either career or business development.

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Working as a human resource manager gave me the opportunity to review CVs and all through my working years I have reviewed over three thousand CVs, 90% of these CVs were considered irrelevant after my first 6 seconds of scanning through for several reasons. So for the past two years I have worked on developing a system for reviewing and creating a professionally written CV to help applicants get to the stage of being considered for a job opening.

What is REVAMPCV all about?

Revampcv.com is an online company, with a deep understanding of the importance of your identity to the growth and success of your career or business. We have created a system that helps struggling brands and job seekers re-brand their identity.

At The Revamp Company, our services are uniquely crafted by the best human resource managers and business management experts, when it comes to CV writings, all form of business writing and business re-branding we have got you covered. People across the world can now enjoy a professional outlook with ease and premium satisfaction.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge On This Project?

One of my biggest challenges on this project was development of the website; I and my team spent 6 months trying to develop the right website that will be user friendly and also very easy to use. My team was spread across Canada, Hungary and Nigeria. Most times getting everyone together was bit challenging. But in the end we were able to work on the website and create a simple but outstanding platform.

What is the major component of this project and how can the society benefit from this?

One of the major components of this project asides our revamping services is our free career and interview advice. Over the years I have encountered a lot of applicants who show up for interview either without their CVs or they have no idea the role the applied or what the company does all these affects the overall performance on the candidate during the interview process. Sometimes it’s not our village people that follow us we just need to be guided properly.

How do you see REVAMPCV changing the world in the next 10 years?

I believe in the ten years REVAMPCV would help to better equip people across the globe to take up professional roles and this would also lead to a decline in the unemployment rate in African and the world at large.

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Research shows that most online business in this twenty first century partners with a lot of people (students, expert, daily internet users and others) and pay them token, how do you think REVAMPCV can help the youth in this way

At REVAMPCV we have a team of over 200 young CV writers from across the globe also we are currently developing a referral system that will enable people referral customers to us and make as much as 500 Naira on every referral.  I believe this will go a long way in empowering the youths.

Many people can do CV from their home, how are you really sure you will be able to convince society to patronize this brand.

I think the real question should be how many people can write a professional CV? In my years of experience over 70% of the applicants have their CVs all wrong its one thing to just go to a cyber café or pick up your system and write a CV, it’s another thing to have a professionally written CV. What we simply do at REVAMPCV is take your ordinary CVs and transform them into a job winning CV.

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