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Ways to Upgrade your Success Rate in 2019


Many people including you have read a lot about success either online or offline (Churches, Mosque, School and other places) but success is not something you will say once and leave it there.

Success is like a system (Laptop, Desktop etc.) that you need to upgrade every time, so that you won’t be outdated because when it not upgrades, the system begins to slow down at some point.

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So today I will be upgrading our brain with my own newly researched software.it might be brief but I know you will be upgraded.

Success is reachable.  This simply means that success will be placed within our reach but not necessarily in our hands. If we can reach out, we can reach it. Riches are not limited to the reach of the rich. They are within the reach of anyone who will reach out for them.

In  the days of racial segregation in the U.S, Mrs S.B. Fuller said to her  7  years-old son, “we are not poor because of God; neither are we poor because of our skin color, Black is not synonymous of lack.” It has  been rightly said before that a man’s background  should not  keep his back on the ground. The woman said to her son ,” we are poor because your daddy has never desired to be rich.”

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People become rich because they desire to be rich, while some others are poor because they have never desired to be anything else. ‘que est sera sera’,

Whatever will be will be. Unfortunately, good things don’t come like that; you have  to go out for them. Whatever a man cannot do is what he has not attempted to do .if you will dare it, you will do it


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