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#Shannon’s POV

The room is quite small but neat with three beds, i entered and met a black hair girl reading on the middle bed.
She looked up with a sweet smile, Did she just smile at me? Perhaps she doesn’t know who i am.

She jumped up from the bed and took my bag to the right bed, then she comes back to shake my hands.
“Am Daniela” she said.
“Shannon” i replied.
“Welcome to Miracle school”
“Thanks” i said and went to sit on my bed. It’s comfy enough, even if it’s smaller, i can manage. At least this is someone nice.
“So lets share, what brings you here?” she asked sitting on her bed and facing me.

“Anger” i said simply and she nodded. “My parents couldn’t afford a normal school and i have little psychological problems but I’m getting healed. Don’t worry, your problem will be solved here”
“Thanks Daniela”
“So i heard you came with Gold, where is he?” she asked and i frowned.

“why ask me about that man whore?” i said annoyed.
“He’s not a man whore, that chessy Arie deceived you all, i wish you could see it. She took advantage of his problem!” she protested.
“What problem?” i asked curiously.
“He has memory loss problem, he can forget everything that happened a minute ago” she said sadly, now i feel sorry for him. Something tells me Daniela is right, perhaps he forgot what happened with Arie so he didn’t talk because he’s hiding his problem.
But Arie is my role model, why would she do this? Could it be why he’s here? To get cured and maybe the truth can come out, I’ll be more nice to him from now.
#Arie’s POV
Miracle school.
I am going there.
“Mr Donovan, cancel all concerts and conferences i have, I’m taking a long break” i said to my manager who is very disappointed.
“But what about the contract with ANGEL FACE CREAM? It’s a big opportunity you should not miss” he said and i rolled my eyes.
“Whatever, i need the break, bye” i carried my purse and left.

I am doing this for Gold, anything is worth giving up for him. I got home and started packing, my maid helped and in no time am ready to go. I’ve prepared well cos i heard not all people can see the school.
I have a powerful wizard who’s going to lead me, sometimes i want to get a love potion from him to use on Gold but then i decide against it.
Its not really assuring, what if something goes wrong?
My phone is ringing again, it’s that crown prince of Greenfall, Davis. He’s a cute and damn rich guy who has a lot of interest in me but my heart only beats for Gold. Just Gold.
By tomorrow, i will arrive in Miracle school. I can’t wait to see you Gold.
#Gold’s POV
Okay, this room is really small but i can manage. Three beds and just one guy, me and this talkative prince make three.
“This room is So small, how does father expect me to live here?” he ranted.
“Will you just keep shut? You’re such a loud guy” the guy on the third bed said to Jack.
“Huh? Are you talking to me like that? Do you wanna die?” Jack yelled.
“That’s enough guys” i said and laid on the middle bed, I’ve had enough for today.
“I’m Drew” the other guy said to me.
“Of course, i know you. Everyone does, even my crush is crushing on you” he said sadly.
“Hmph, is he that handsome? More than i am?” Jack asked.
“Am sorry to hear that man, i wish i could help” i said ignoring Jack.
The bell suddenly rings, “Our last class for the day, music class”
“Music what?!” Jack yelled.
“Can i stay back?” i asked.

Drew shook his head, “Dean will have you suspended”
Great! If i go, it will be really embarrassing if i refused to perform, what can i do? I sluggishly got up and followed Drew while Jack stayed back still ranting but i saw him behind me a minute later.
I hope this class is helpful…


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