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God Made You Original So Don’t Die A Photocopy


By Abdulrasak Abdulakeem

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Hi guys,  the topic we will be treating today is “God made you original so don’t die a photocopy”.

Trust me am not here alone, we are together, your contribution will add more value to this topic, because knowledge increase our self- confidence and lack of it low our self-esteem.

So, let go straight to business, I want you to ask yourself, am I doing original thing am created for, is this my life style, or leaving someone else live?

YES, you might not have perfect answer to this question, but I believe after reading this, you will be able to pick your class among the two.

You were created to do the things you do, the way you do them, the approach and style you put to it…. In your exact unique way.

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You are uniquely made, specially designed to do the things you do- the way you do them, research shows that over 7.7 billion people on the earth’s surface none has your kind of finger print.

You are the best at what you do, can only develop and become a better YOU but never like another.

In terms of your kind of smile and Your thought lines.

Drive pace and style at which you operate, there might be similarities, but you are indeed different.

So, to this effect, see yourself as best to make that difference, handle that task, assignment, proffer, need, and proper solution etc.

I want you to know that believing someone else live makes you miss lot of opportunities and value.

It even affects you in your place of work, among friends and so on.

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Making Switch

Right now, you might be asking yourself and detecting where you have made some mistake and thinking on how to make a switch.

  • Some people came to a place, saw the way thing are were done – inherited the lapses, flaws and the old style of operating, spent time there and left-just the same way they came, in fact like they came.
  • Some came of course notices these mishaps and then pretended and walked on.
  • Some even made it worse than they met it.
  • While Some you don’t need to be moved, triggered, fired up or inspired, but they will always make a positive change to the present standard of that place.

So, my advice for you is always work with SWITCH (Soaring With Intents To Catch High), be real and never stop asking…. Keep the TEACHER in you at home whenever you are going out and take the STUDENT in you along.











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