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Four Phases Of Developmental Growth


The dictionary remains the only place where  success comes  before work, success may be “sweat-less”, but it is never “effort-less”. There is no way a man will achieve success without a measure of effort  on his part. somethings has to give away.

Distractions have to be side-lined. There are certain things that would want to be audiences of your indulgence and there are things that would want to patronize your excesses. you must learn to ignore such enticements.

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That is the only way to constantly remain forward motion. i’m Abdulrasak Abdulakeem, i will be taking you on

Four Phases Of Developmental Growth” 

Don’t just read  this article and drop, but read, study, implement and teach others. So the four Phases are Observation, Imitation, Creation and Identity.

OBSERVATION: An awareness of my environment and the models that exist in it.

IMITATION: This is the paediatrics of development. Children begin to walk because they see other people around them walking

CREATION: Every man should strive towards evolving from the phase of imitation to developing his own ingenuity

IDENTITY: At the point of developing your uniqueness, when trying  to establish a personal brand, it is normal to be at receiving end of criticism and cynicism. if you can survive that phase by  maintaining    a momentum of performance, you will eventually establish your own identity – a signature brand. That is when you become an address for solution.

Now let me quickly tell you a story of a wealth man who was invited to program, To facilitate entry , he was given a tag and sticker for his car.

So when he drove into the venue, the protocol officer directed him to a reserved parking lot  upon seeing the sticker on his car. When he got out of the car, he had to wear the tag as well, so he could be allowed into the hall. He was given seat with the Ministers, but at the rear end of the program, he however felt good about it because many   other people were lost in the congregation.

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While he sat there, Another highly placed personnel  walked in wearing a very simple outfit with his trade-mark tambourine and no tag on his cloth. He was ushered all the way to the front row. As a matter of fact, they had to excuse someone who was wearing a tag for the man who was not wearing a tag to sit.

There is a phase in life ‘when you are known with tag’, and ‘when you are known with or without a tag’, your name becomes an address for a solution



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