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Daily Quote: Break all barriers to reach your dreams


During the journey of life, everyone goes through times of failure, pain and suffering. However only those who have the guts to get up and continue with their journey, emerge victorious.

At every point in life, there will always be a serpent in your life who’s trying to pull you down. Now it depends on you whether you are strong enough to fail that serpent, or weak enough to fall for its malicious plan.

No matter how hard you try, there will always be someone who is not satisfied with you. All you got to do is believe in yourself. For unless you believe in yourself, you cannot expect others to believe in you.

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The more you care about what the world says, the tougher it will be to find success. But the moment you decide to pay a deaf hear to the rest and just believe in yourself, you’ve already found the right path to success.

All your life you get a chance to be three persons; one-the person who dreams about something to happen, two-the person who gets up and works hard to make something happen, and three-the person who sits back and envies the second person.

Break all barriers to reach your dreams. Don’t ever let yourself be dominated by the dogma of society.

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Even life gives you a new day to live each day. This just shows how much the world wants to give you chances to succeed.

By Abdulrasak Abdulakeem




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