The Secret Betrayal (Episode 4)

(Episode 4)
I entered the supermarket…after picking my stuffs, i went to the
female attendant and asked her about Desmond…. As they say,
curiosity killed the cat…… She told me that Desmond is a graduate
but became a driver for a very rich family as there are no job
opportunities coming forth yet…
Hian! Ok….. I thanked her for the info and left.
When I got to the lodge, Vera was already back…. Still on her
She lay down and was crying.
‘haaaa, you are back already?I dropped my stuffs and went straight
to Veras bed….. How did it go? What happened na? Why are you in
this mood?
I asked….
Vera sat up, meeting my gaze, she have a deep sigh and wiped her
‘when we got to the hotel, Collins and I kissed so passionately for
almost twenty minutes, then he proceeded in making love to me….
Which I declined….
‘ok, so………..? I asked.
‘ I regret why I declined…. Collins Is a very nice guy….
He Is hurt at my actions…. But I’m just scared!
Scared of STDs, scared of pregnancy….. Etc….
I then suggested we go for test first, before we do anything…. Vera
‘Why is he hurt na? Abegi, you did the right thing jare….
Na wa o for guys….. I said patting her at her shoulder….
‘I’m surprised Collins left without talking to me…. Vera said.
‘early this morning, he just started putting his things in order and
dropped some money for me,…..
I refused collecting the money… I’m not a prostitute, and after all
he didn’t do anything to me….. Vera continued…
‘as in you left the money there for him? I asked in amazement.
‘Yea, and he collected it….. She said…..
‘then he told me he is leaving, that when I freshen up, I can leave
too…. That was all he said to me…. Vera cried..
‘hmmmm, calm down baby girl…. That guy ain’t real! He is a fuck
boy! Very stupid boy I raged!
‘calm down you hear…..
But right in my mind, I was so happy….. At least make i rest from
all these Collins noise here and there…. Haba…. I giggled.
‘ehe , by the way, guess who I saw at the supermarket today…… I
turned to Vera smiling sheepishly…
‘Who? Vera asked quietly.
‘Desmond.. I chuckled….
‘oh really? That’s nice… How’s he doing na? Can’t remember when
last I picked his call sef… .. Vera said…. I forgot to tell you sef, he
asked me out and gave me time to think about it…. But i told him I
have a boyfriend yet he won’t give up.
‘really, don’t agree ooo…. I replied Vera.
‘Why? She asked in curiosity.
‘Because he is a driver! Desmond is a driver to a rich family…..
Though he is a graduate but Nne,  he doesn’t have money na…..
We need to be upgrading and not denoting ourselves……. I said…..
I gisted Vera everything, and immediately she deleted Desmond’s
number from her phone…..
Vera said Collins hasn’t called her to at least tell her he arrived
safely and he isn’t picking her calls either…
It broke her down. She wasn’t that lively again…
Is he just wanted to hear Collins voice.
Then her phone rang…… She rushed to pick without looking at the
number……she wished it was Collins maybe he used someone
else’s line as the number wasn’t saved..
It was Desmond….
Desmond thanked God that she picked his call today as he has
been calling her since morning and she didn’t pick..
Probably that was when she was still in the hotel….
My friend broke down. She kept dialing Collins number, yet he had
refused to pick….
After some days, I was tempted to steal Collins number from her
phone and try my luck.
I succeeded and at first I lied to him about being an old friend of
I immediately changed my whatsapp profile pix so he won’t know
I’m the one..
That was how my story with Collins began..
To be continued……
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