The Secret Betrayal (Episode 3)

(Episode 3)
We got close to Collins car, we were smiling. Wow, he is even more cute in reality than his pictures!
His lips are…. OmG… I started falling for Collins in my heart…

I wished he was mine.Vera greeted him and gave him a peck on his cheeks. ‘here’s my friend, Fifi,  Vera said to Collins holding my hands and thighting them.

She does that when ever she is shy and talking to someone.‘Hi Fifi, you have a cute smile….. Collins said to me.   Wow! I felt butterflies in my tummy when he said that to me. ‘really? Thanks Collins. I replied smiling sheepishly….
Vera entered into the car and Collins wanted to take us out. He insisted I join them, which I did without an eye contact with my friend to know if she is against it or not… Well, I didn’t care. After all he is not yet her husband, i chuckled.We went to the movies…. All through our outing, Collins was all
over Vera.
They didn’t even care if I was there.. They kiss passionately in my presence without respect.
I got so angry with Vera. She should have little respect for me na….. I thought. Some hours later, it was already getting dark, so I had to leave The two love birds to eat up themselves….. Since they can’t wait for when they get to the hotel room.

Was I being jealous? Hell no… I can’t be jealous na... I said to myself.. ‘Baby girl, I have to leave now…….. Make i allow una enjoy una self wella…. I held Vera’s hand smiling…. Collins, pls take good care of my friend ooo... Vera wasn’t happy that I wanted to leave but she needed the
privacy with her guy though…. I returned to my logde and imagined what will happen at the hotel
with those two...

I got so angry with myself. I looked at the mirror…. I am beautiful na! I said to myself. Why can’t I get a good looking guy like Collins?

The ones that see me on the road and start doing all those animal noise all in the need of getting my attention are always keke drivers, Taxi drivers, or small boys who don’t have respect for their

See, I dress well, speak well and intelligent too! So what exactly is wrong with me??
I hated myself and cried myself to sleep…… The next day, I got a call from Vera.. Her voice was shaky. I became scared.

what’s the problem baby girl, I asked...I’ll gist you when I get back.. Its a long story she replied.
Ok, just calm down….. See you soon…. I dropped the call.
 I took my bath,had my breakfast, did my laundry, washed Veras cloths too, cleaned our shoes then I decided to go to a close by supermarket and pick some of my toiletries…
At the door of the supermarket was Desmond carrying stuffs he just bought from the supermarket.
Well, he didn’t recognise me but I did.. ‘Hello Desmond, you remember me?? I asked smiling…. ‘eehm, I’m so sorry, pls remind me… Desmond said smiling trying to get my face.

Hmmm, Lemme help you first and drop your groceries in your car then I’ll remind you who I am.. I said as I reached out to help with what he was carrying…. ‘awww, that’s so nice of you, Desmond said.

We got to the car, he opened the booth of the car and we dropped the stuffs… Then I asked him when last he heard from Vera.

‘Ooooooooh he exclaimed.. You are Vera’s friend! Remind me your name again…. He said
‘Yes! Fifi! He clapped his hands like he made an effort trying to remember my name..
‘How is school and everything? ‘School is fine, we bless God. ‘and you? I asked.

‘well, we bless God too. Desmond said smiling. ‘you look so radiant, so stunning…… I… I don’t know what to say, effused Desmond….. ‘ awww I’m blushing…….. Thanks Desmond.

Suddenly, we heard a Lady calling Desmond from behind. ‘I have to go now, my madam need me……. Desmond said as he left immediately.

Madam kwa?? I pondered……Hian! Let it not be what I’m thinking ooo……I entered the supermarket to pick my toiletaries…….don’t be too hasten,i will be write back  with d next episode to make

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