Daily Quote : Ditch Your Limits

By Abdulrasak Abdulakeem
Roger Bannister 
For many years in the field of athletic events,they said it was not possible for anybody to run one mile in less than four minutes. Everybody believed it. So they never stretched beyond it until a man called  Roger Bannister came and broke that record.

You know what happened? The moment Roger Bannister broke that record,everybody began to break the record .Today,even ordinary children who don't have to go through any special  training are breaking that  record.

So what happened before now? Some people set a ceiling ;some people created a mental barrier.And they said "this is not  possible".

  A man once said that if God wanted man to fly, he would have made him a bird with  wings or at  least  give him wings to fly like angels.That sounded very  intelligent,but are human being not "flying " now?



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