Glo unlimited Browsing cheat on Anonytun VPN -Ayodele Hacker(photos)

I'm  Ayodele Dolapo today i will be teaching you on Glo unlimited Browsing cheat on Anonytun VPN browsing and how to set it up.

i don't know why people will be wasing money on daily basis buying data when thdey is alot of cheat for all this things.

Our glo unlimited free browsing is back online and it stable on anonytun vpn. This cheat is working on a glo flex

Here is how to set it up
First of all Text PAYU to "127" after thirty seconds later you will receive a message on your Glo sim telling you that you are browsing on Flexi recharge at #1 per Mb. After that you will set your internet APN setting.

Name Firstone Glo0 (Note : you can replace Firstone with your name)
Apn glodirect
proxy not set
port not set
Username Flat
Password Flat
Authentication type pap
Apn type default,supl

After then download this app anonytun open the app then click this button at the left hand edge stealth settings
stealth tunnel on/off Turn it on
connection protocool http
connection port 8080
then click on edit custtom TCP/HTTP headers

request method
injection method
Then scroll it down and pick forward host and user agent then generate and save it.



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