We were designed for movement

Success is progressive.no matter how well we are doing, we often come to a point where we are dissatisfied with our performance.

Naturally God made every individual for movement, we exhibit an irritation to stagnation.

Where you are now is somebody’s position before and it is also somebody’s dream, but you have conquered that point people may definitely not understand why you are not happy, but the truth is that you are seeing something bigger and better than your present status....Let’s rush to Prof Babatunde Owolabi where he quoted 
Another Race
The sun on a new day
Gently creeps out of its abode
And emits low radiation
As the day wears on
The fire from the sun bite hard
On the skin.

When a man progress in life he goes beyond asking God daily breads to demanding for a higher level of significance.

 He does not just cry to God for his need because they have increased; and show the world that the center stage is not a birth right, it also shows the world that the sky is large enough to accommodate all sizes of plumage.

We would realize that where we are today was a dream some years back. Today, it has become a reality and the excitement of the initial attainment is fast waning.

Today I will let you know that everything that is living is moving including the clock. You can only stop your watch, but you can’t stop them. So dear reader step up your game and note that where you are today is not your limit



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